MPGS Flirting

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by roseandpose, Oct 11, 2006.

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  1. It can't be just me. Whilst driving into any base I seem to be one car behind the individual who decides to stop and have a chat out of their window with the MPGS guy on the gate. Now I'm not adverse to someone thanking them or any general pleasantry, but over 30secs is a bit much.

    Don't mind me love, I'll just hang on.

    Bah Humbug. :x
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  2. Well they are very old and wise people in the MPGS!
    Most of our current doctrines and tactics came from them and their generation!
    A little tolerance is in order maybe?

    After all never know when you may need a favour from the same guy :)


    P.S You are in the Int Corps surprised you didn't work that out for yourself :)
  3. Have too agree with both points, however that jumped guy that worked on the gate at Hohne that looked and acted like Hitler would keep them there just to be a cnut!!!
  4. MPGS era tactics and doctrine.....

    That's a good one.

    Walk slowly towards the enemy lads....the artillery has done the work for you.
  5. Muzzle loading arty at that,them metal studded boots in the Crimea were a right pain!!
  6. Hey don't mock I know of at least two ex rankers who joined the MPGS and are on a ptetty good earner/ package - sometimes i cannot but help wonder who the sucker them or me?

    Still thats life

  7. Did it for 7 years,no drama's with them at all.Two of the 50 year olds at Wilton could do the bpfa run in 8 min 30 and max out on situps and press ups.Oldish yes,unfit no.Now that I've left its nice now and again to take the mick out of the old bug*ers.
  8. Barrier up! Barrier down! Thats what I call money for old rope! Plus a pension and a quarter if you want it. Nice package that. Beats blowing bubbles up your arrse in the City for bugger all!
  9. Roseandpose, you should drive up, jump out and hold the MPGS by his throat off the floor whilst shouting:

    "You feckin' idiot!! Do you know who that was?? I've been following them since North Algeria you fool!! They're here to steal our secrets held up at the ICA museum!!"

    Then, drop to your knees, fists in the air shouting:

    "Damn you!! Damn you all to hell!!"

    They wouldn't do it again. They'd either have a heart attack, recognise your car in the future and let you straight in or just pump 2 pieces of lead in to you.
  10. Sometimes its the driver who wants to chat,you have to tell them to shift eventually.Most of the drivers who want to chat are Female,read into that what you will.
  11. Ban 'em from driving?

    Cull the ones with open mouths?

    Cap recruiting them in to Gods Corps?

    Penalise MPGS who flirt with females and not the blokes?

    Release pubic* lice in the female accomodation - a dose of which will destory their out going personalities and flirtacious (sp) acts of deprevaty with the old codgers on the gate?

    Have a firing squad open up when a car stops for more than 20 seconds at the gate?

    Install communism in to the UK?

    Introduce Sharia law in a staged approach to quell any feelings of anger?

    MAKE women wear Islamic scarfs so they can't see who they are talking to when they pull up?

    I dunno, i'm just reeling 'em off here?

    edit: put public instead of pubic. thought i'd change it before someone gets all upset about it
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  12. Keep em coming :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. ????

    "Form Square!!!"
  14. Only to receive cavalry, in the same way CR calls "About Turn" and "Adopt the Prone Supported on a Pillow Position" when receiving 3 Para Mor Pl.
  15. They're your kids?