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Thinking about applying to join the MPGS, seems to be though that you must still be within 6 years of leaving service. Does anyone know if there are exeptions to this rule? why this rule seams to be there?

i've been out 9 years now - to old to rejoin regulars (at 37) so if this fails, am packing my bags for the retirement home. Seems f..king ridiculous that as far as the military are concerned once your over 35 your no good to them.


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Speak to the recruiters mate.I know there's exemptions so I don't think you'll have a problem, and to be honest,the MPGS is recruiting like mad at the moment.Where do you want to go?


Looking at Brecon - most local and recruiting - spoke to the online Army recruiter. he didn't know his head from his arse - said he didn't know and forwarded me a link to MOD jobs. Whats your history, are you curent MPGS


Cheers for that - as i'm not still serving i don't get full access, i have to have guest access ( requires me to use a serving soldiers details). so i'll leave that for the mo.

think will fill in the application and also go to my local ACIO and see what they can do for me. cheers for help
Fao: Neonlights, Good luck with your MPGS application but i would warn you that the process might be a long, hard and frustrating time, OR it maybe smooth & swift ( i'm not be negative here but realistic)

A few pointers 1st & i hope i don't put you off as the unit is screaming out for extra personnel

1, The MPGS is recruiting BUT the new online process is (how can i say this contructively) extremely poor & very slow & quite frankly embarrasingly shocking as the mpgs is "very" undermanned, however you may be a lucky recruit & get in within 6/12 months, I've spoke to a few site commanders who direct their blame at
1, APC & 2, recruiting Group

2, Having visited the MPGS forum on several occasions it like many units has it's problems, but 10 years later the same issues are still not being dealt with or being actioned very very slowly, undermanning of sites is the main problem, however it is a very good 2nd career if that is the type of employment your seeking,

3, A lot of the problems HQMPGS has is mainly down to their limited budget, Poor or virtually non existant advertising, & poor pro-activity, and ACIO staff with very limited MPGS knowledge, also trying to get a realistic answer to "on the ground troops questions" from the forum is like pulling teeth, you either get told to speak to your Pl Cdr/ or Site commander or on most cases a section of JSP is quoted & thats it!

4, The 10 day refresher course teaches only the basics & thats it, however i would strongly advise you to complete your neccessary mpgs courses asap once your in,

Lastly i hope all goes well with your application & you obtain your chosen site of choice, the role is very easy unfortunately some individuals within the ranks make the job harder than it should be with ego's & attitude etc as a 2nd career you could a lot worse as this unit will grow & grow given the time & hopefully & eventually the proper management it deserves


Thanks for that info Beemer007, very useful. do you think or know if the fact that i left the Army in 98 deems me unsuitable for MPGS or not. Am i better off trying to join through the ACIO. and finally do you know if i can speak to a specific person or HQ on MPGS issues. Cheers
The last time i spoke to a MPGS Trg team member the criteria had changed from 10 years to 6 years (however i could be wrong so plz don't quote me) i'll search for that info on armynet at the earliest opportunity & i'll get back to you as soon as i can BUT some ACIO's are better than others with current up to date info on specific unit details

All i can say is visit your local ACIO & ask to speak to someone whom has the best knowledge or WO2 IC of your office if not, you could always visit a MPGS site & ask for info if thats possible, i'm unsure where the nearest MPGS site is nearest to as your seeking the brecon area, i know the mpgs system has a backlog of people coming through but patience is the key here i'm afraid my friend,

all the best
Am currently unemployed and have been considering applying for the MPGS but am also in the process of joining the TA as I do miss soldiering, can you be in the TA and the MPGS? I know the 4-day on, 4-day off routine might mean missing alot of TA activities but its something I've been considering.

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Your TA contract will be different from the MPGS one As TA personnel are "deployed" on Op's so i strongly believe no as MPGS is a non-deployable renewable 3 year UK only contract on a shift rotation system including trg days & possible stand by's, the mpgs has ex ta members also, your local ACIO would be the best source of official information before applying

I'll do a search for the proper statement in JSP & post a link if i have the time unless someone else on here beats me to it?

Hope the above info assists you


I am a serving MPGS soldier based at Southwick where HQ MPGS is located.

You cannot be in the MPGS and the TA as you are a regular soldier on an MLSE.

The criteria has dropped from 10 years to 6 because the MPGS can pick and choose at the moment and the quality coming through training was not that good over recent years.

Anything else PM me.

Lets say I did 19 years in the Army, had a year off then joined the MPGS. Would I only have to do 3 years with the MPGS (22 years total in uniform) would I get i full pension and full payout if I left after the 3 years.

The first 19 years in old the old 75 pension scheme and the last 3 on the new 05 scheme.

Cant seem to find the answer to this question on any MOD sites.

Many thanks


If joining the MPGS after 22 years Regular Service, do you still recieve the AFP 75 graturity and do you also still recieve your monthly Penson on top of the MPGS wage, if not, does your MPGS service count as additional years to your pension i.e. would I recieve 30 years penision if I did a further 8 Years a MPGS?


Re the Pensions,


If you joined the MPGS now you would be pensioned under the new AFPS 05 scheme which is separate.

I served 12 years in the RAF and wrote to Glasgow asking if I could continue my 12 year pension and add on my MPGS service. They said no I would have to stick with the new AFPS 05 but I could add my preserved pension to the new scheme.

Hope that makes sense.

If you are being paid an immediate pension now you will still get that and your MPGS wage, however what you earn from your pension and MPGS wage will be capped at what you previously earned on leaving the forces before (subject to index linking of course). This is changing in the future though.


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