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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by OTS, Sep 22, 2011.

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  1. OTS

    OTS Swinger


    I’ve just handed in my application to join the MPGS. I left the Royal Green Jackets in 1992 after 8 years exemplary service. After the Army I went into the Security Industry and became a manger over 30 Officers. In 2000 I joined the Police and qualified as a Firearms Officer. I left the Police in December 2005, just under 6 years ago.

    When I handed my application in the staff phoned Glasgow to see if I was eligible. The response seemed somewhat confusing. I was advised that I was eligible but it was unlikely I would be offered a position as I had been out of the Army for 19 years.

    I’ve just read the eligibility requirements which clearly say:

    Age: You must over 18 years and under 52 years of age at re-enlistment.

    Background: You must have served for at least three years on a previous engagement in any Arm or Service, including TA, RAF Auxiliary and RN Reserve.

    Gap since leaving Service: You should have less than a six year gap between previous service and re-enlistment (unless you have completed other forms of comparable service).

    Fitness eligibility: You must be medically fit, have a discharge assessment of Very Good and have a Body Mass Index below 32.

    Previous Service Check: Your previous service records will be checked and final authorisation to proceed with the application must be given by MPGS (Manning and Career Management) Glasgow.

    Although I clearly have more than a six year gap from leaving the Army I have surely completed another form of comparable service i.e. a Police Firearms Officer. Can anyone please give me any advice on this or if they don’t accept me weather I can appeal or not

  2. You were a police firearms officer and you want to join the MPGS? If stagging on is your thing, why not go for the higher pay and better conditions offered by the CNC?

    Civil Nuclear Constabulary
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  3. I know barriers don't raise themselves, but if it's a choice between that and shooting ilegals on the tube and peeps carrying chair legs I know which one I'd be choosing...
  4. OTS

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    Not interested.
  5. AFO to MPGS. Something smells funny here.
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  6. OTS

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    Your not giving me much to go on here lads. Come on a few pointers if possible. Just try if possible to give some positive feedback instaed of smelling bullshit.
  7. OTS

    OTS Swinger

    Is anyone actually able to give advice on this or just pre judge. Ask a simple question. yeh right.
  8. Why not phone Glasgow again and see if you get i different answe from a different person as they're supposed to be the SMEs on this.

    Helpful enough, Sweetie?
  9. OTS

    OTS Swinger

    Thanks buddy
  10. What has antlers and bleeds?
  11. This is regular JU forum not cant get on in life so may as well get a cheap MQ forum.
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