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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Boney2728, Apr 17, 2006.

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  1. Apart from range work and guardroom procedures what else ?
  3. thats it and thats why i left after a year low pay very boring
  4. yer but what else ?? how much range work do u do on the course?
  5. iv jus done the mpgs course in worthy down an it not too shite fellas wot u gotta bear in mind is navy an air force are on the course too . it does bang on a bit too much about the law when in reality u cant actually arrest some one but for the course was a good refresher as iv been out 4 years . it was good to get back on the range but only 2 days of it and they could throw more practical in there too. all in all if ur thinkin bout the mpgs it not a bad screw i do a total of 3hrs on stag in 12 hours i get respod too so as well as 16100 quid a year i get an extra 200 quid a month jus travellin also as soon as u get to ur site an get involved with the banter ur glad to b back in an envioronment were ppl have a good laff n joke about the shitty things in life go on take the plunge !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! barrier up..................................barrier down!!!!!! wots got 4 legs and bleeds ?????????????????????????? STAG ON !!!!
  6. oldbaldy

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    Didn't teach you english grammar or punctuation on the course though.
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  7. to be honest old lady i dont need grammar to stag on a barrier!!!! or to that matter i dont need punctation either in fact the less i have of both the easier the stag is ok? and if you really cant understand shortened words and abbreiviations then you didnt learn to much in the forces did you ??
  8. So they have to bring it down to your level then?
  9. no mate there aint nothin brought down to my level im jus a young 29 yr old who cant get back in the army who is bigging up the mpgs !!!! it works for me . i have wife annd kids so if you that bothered stag on your self i couldnt give a fcku less hours for me obviosly your a mpgs hater so why not do one and give us all a chance knob rot and if your so against it be a man and let us the troops stag you tool otherwise stag on bud i aint bothered
  10. yea yea but depends if he was in families office before hand
  11. Pioneer Corps have gone then, have they?
  12. Hey there. Are you still in? Would you still recommend the MPGS?
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