MPGS Confused How do i join

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by shadow4509, Jul 9, 2006.

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  1. Ok I want to join the mpgs, i have the number off the website aswell as 3 other numbers given to me from local recruitment office. Last week i called them all everyday and there was no answer on any of the numbers. Can someone tell me if this is the only way to go about joining or can i just go into recruitment office and sort it out.

    Any help appreciated

  2. goto your nearest camp where you want to be posted with the mpgs and ask to speak to the mpgs Sgt thats the best way mate
    there in contact with worthy down and will get you sorted
  3. ok thanks mate, payed a visit to local army office today and found out that its because mpgs have moved from worthy down, so the phone numbers have changed but nothing updated on website yet.

  4. Hey Fella, I can tell you how you join - its a little like making a cake you just need the correct ingredients ! Firstly, join the Infantry and serve at least 16 years having reached the grand ol rank of LCPl and having married a fat girl who works in the NAAFI. Then, have six kids and buy an orange Datsun Sunny. Get yourself a medical discharge based upon the fact that you have bad knees and a 45 inch waist and then jobs a good un . . . . . .enjoy and stag on.
  5. Very funny Kabul - that's the right place for you btw!

    Joining the MPGS is simple really, ACIA or AFCC and start the process as if you were joining up again.

    Easiest way and they do have the possibility of speeding up the ever so slow so & sos up in Glasgow (they make the joining process so bloody slow!!!).