MPGS at Saint Athan

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by moosep85, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. Hi, can anyone clarify whether or not that the MPGS is coming to Saint Athan.
    Any replies much appreciated.

  2. As far as i know it will happen , But as to what time scale i have not got a scooby ...
  3. Depends who you listen to.They were meant to be there last October and again last month.Latest is 18months time.
  4. are there any serving MPGSers there?
  5. I was told last April that MPGS would eventualy be based at St Athans, prob a company strength under command of a WO2 and 2 SSGTs, the hold up is over BUDGET strangely enough and infighting between the various departments as to who should be guarding what.

    Director special forces apparently wants the SFSG to be guarded by MOD police.

    There are obviously budget differences between the MPGS and the civvy MGS.

    However as the unit is destined to become a Training Accademy shortly this decision will have to be organised soon.

    A good indication is that following the Deepcut incidents and the Dahli enquiry that followed the MPGS are taking over the Armed Guarding roles at all training establishments.

    I wish they'd hurry up too as my names been on list for 3 years
  6. I heard that the MDP compliment at St Athan were going to be increased to run the whole security and policing operation. It would probably make more sense than MGS or MPGS. MGS are neither armed nor are they police whilst MPGS have no policing function nor can they carry firearms outside the wire. MDP already have a succesful presence at the site they are also the existing preference for DSF as already pointed out.
  7. You are Correct in assuming that the MGS who are civilian Guards have no police powers and cannot carry firearms.

    However the MPGS may carry firearms outside of the perimeter wire ie quarters and mortar base plate patrols and various other military targets this however does depend on the Memorandum of Understanding from the Cheif Constable of the local Constabluary.

    At one unit i served we were authorised to carry weapons off unit and through the local town as we had to patrol various married quarter locations around the area and look after at least 2 senior officers residences.

    You will also be aware that it was the cost of using the MDP that was one of the main deciding factor for bringing the MPGS into being created.

    I do doubt very much that the MOD will be prepared for such a budget, I maybe wrong but I do forsee a mix of MDP, MGS and MPGS working on site.

    MDP for the SFSG and sensitive area's also for police duties amongst the Civil servants etc

    MGS: Barrier Control/Pass offices and possibly Dog section
    MPGS: Unit Armed Guarding, patrols both foot and mobile internal and external etc.

    I am no authority on the issue so i could be wrong but who knows just get on with it so I can settle back in Llantwit Major again.
  8. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Can anyone tell me wtf are MDP? and in the hierarchy, are they above MPGS?
  9. Ministry of Defence Police, they are the the MoD's own civilian police force taking their powers from the MoD Police act 1987. MPGS are locally employed soldiers carrying out guarding duties at military establishments where constabulary powers are not required by the head of establishment / CO.
  10. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    OK, so sort of pan forces, like the RMP but not for the army, for the MOD. And therefore looking into stuff that is pan forces or not forces but is MOD.. righjt?
  11. Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) are a recognised Police Force although with slightly limited powers of arrest, they are used for a varying amount of duties ithat would be expected of a local police force they could be manning a gate at a sensative sites, they could be dealing with crime prevention/motoring offences as well as more specialist duties such as CID/Fraud/SOCO they are also responsible for the escort of nuclear convoys.

    They hold full police powers and warrant cards, in garrison towns they are more often than not working in direct contact with the local Plod.
    As I say the MDP are a recognised police force and can in someways be compared to other such forces like the British Transport Police &Civil Nuclear Police they are able to deal with arrests etc that are not Miliitary specific.

    RMP DO NOT hold the authority on UK mainland to carry out NON Military arrests and will only deal with Military Specific issues.

    MPGS are a Armed Security Service to guard Military establishments, no power of arrest.
  12. I would agree however the first comment is slightly out of date MDP comes under the MoD Police Act 1987 and in that it gives the same powers of arrest as the local police if its not practical to secure the attendance of the local Home office police. In practice if out and about on patrol and the officers see's a car driving recklessly then they can deal accordingly or if once they have seen the car and contacted the local control room and they ask MDP to deal then that covers the MDP police powers wise. The person being dealt with will be dealt with the same as they would have done by the local police but in reporting up their own CoC they have to fill in a form (yes another form) of what happened and what powers were used this is used in the annual report to parliament by the chief constable. Basically MDP have there own areas to police but if something happens in front of them they are fully covered by the law in the office of constable.