MPGS at Arborfield

Heard a rumour this week that MPGS were taking over camp security from MGS, can anyone confirm. A lot of the crafties are getting excited as they believe that this happening would stop them having to do guard duties and maybe only have Fire Piquet or something similar.
Yeah it's true, Commandant mentioned it on the inset day in December. They shouldn't get too excited as I believe that part of the deal is that boys and girls in green will soon be stagging on at West Court again.
MPGS are being recruited now. 8 MPGS Pte's are currently in training and a Pl Comdr (SSgt) is being recruited as we speak. No guards at WC or one the front gate from 01 Apr onwards!!
I might be imagining things but I am 99% sure I saw an Army Security Patrol pickup, brand spanking 57 plate, coming from WC dierction, round pads and back towards WC on Friday. Also pretty sure driver was in CB95 and MPGS cap badge.

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