MPGS application

I applied for the MPGS in February, and had waited 6 months before i decided to chase it up. I found that i had been penciled in for a course in august and a conformation letter will be sent to the careers office. I'm still awaiting this letter, Is there a number for Glasgow i can ring? That seems to be where the problems are. Also if i miss the August intake how long will i have to wait for the next one? My life is on hold at the moment. Cheers lads
I know at the moment their are currently 34 on your proposed course in Aug, try contacting HQ/MPGS Southwick Park direct as i suspect if you do tel Glasgow they'll tell you to do the same,

Alternatively as said on other threads ref MPGS go to the forums via armynet/forums/agc/mpgs & ask the COC direct

Good Luck with your application

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