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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by thecoops, Sep 6, 2012.

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  1. thecoops

    thecoops LE

    I'm trying to fill out an application form for the mpgs and one of the question is' reasons for applying and I'm stuck on " I need a full time job " any arrsers got any more reasons I could put down ?
  2. japseyewarrior

    japseyewarrior Old-Salt

    No one else will employ me?
  3. SgtSlaughter

    SgtSlaughter War Hero

    I love stagging on?
  4. mick4075

    mick4075 War Hero

    I need a job with a quarter sounds like a fair reason.....most of my blokes probably out something similar, if they are honest. You could tart it up something along the lines of wanting to continue service without ops etc.
  5. Buzz


    Have you considered the RAF police instead?

    Do you like gates?
  6. panzerknacker

    panzerknacker LE

    My salary needs are in line with the positions description and what I will bring in ability. I'll also hoof your wife up the hoop if you so much as blink your eyes.
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  7. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    How about:

    "I need access to camo clothing, assault rifles and ammunition."

    Should go down a treat.
  8. panzerknacker

    panzerknacker LE

    Remember to sign yourself off as Michael Ryan Jnr.
  9. shirl286

    shirl286 Swinger

    "Weapons give me a hard on" or "Its the only profession I can think of post army service where I can routinely fuck off people by holding them up for 5 minutes".

    On a serious note you could try along the lines of "It provides a rewarding second career in a uniformed organisation. Applying myself fully through my previous career I feel I can bring the skills and knowledge forward and progess in the MPGS"

    On another point does everyone in MPGS start as a private or is previous service taken into account for rank/pay etc?
  10. mcflurry

    mcflurry War Hero

    They may applaud your honesty?
  11. beemer007

    beemer007 LE

    Yes, all new entrants in the MPGS start as a Pte. the ones at my site are mostly good eggs the Senior CoC find them a worthy asset.

    OP: the MPGS is money for old rope, brings stability & security in a 2nd uniformed career without the added extra commitment of being deployed.

    You'll be surprised how many are considering this Unit during the uncomfortable Tranche period..
  12. I`d start by putting your cock away.

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