MPGS a few questions

I am a serving soldier. Who wants to leave because of my personal circumstances
I will be honest I enjoy the pay and benifits of the army.
I see that joining the mpgs would let me continue those benifits while having a stable home life.
Would like to know do you have to leave the army to re enlist in the mpgs or can you transfer without terminating service.
Would also be greatfull if you are in, or know anyone in the mpgs could you just tell me if you enjoy. Whats good, whats bad about it ect PLEASE
A friend of mine serves with MPGS and speaks well of it. Shift work; 4 days on, 4 days off. 1 run of 4 night shifts in any 4 week period (I think). Military pension continued, accomodation including married quarters. Chance to train as dog handler, dog trainer, kennel management, bit of range time. Promotion prospects good for the switched on at some postings, dependent on manning levels. You cannot be posted beyond 30 miles from usual post for more than 28 days without your written permission. All information is second hand so please verify before getting too excited. I imagine it might be pretty damn dull at times....
#thanks for that kit. I should imgine it can be very dull at times. A job is what you make it i suppose.
Do you know if you have to terminate service and re-enlist. ANYONE PLEASE
You can transfer. I know this for a fact. It is a discharge of sorts, you finish Regular one day and start the MPGS the next. So they can cut your pay but it doesnt count as a break for pension purposes. Can join after you leave too, if u want.
You have to leave the Army.... and get back in the next day!

You can usually keep your MQ if that's possible where you are and carry on as normal...

Any questions just PM me and I'll try my best to answer them!
I'm curious, why is there a need for a civilian armed guard service when our lovely leaders provide us with weapons on a day to day basis. Or have the army stopped handing out guard duties anymore?
I Know how much i hate gaurd duty being shafted at the last minute when you have your weekend planned. However being employed to do gaurd duty seems good and 4 days on 4 days off sounds good to me. The british army is so overstretched now i think its a great idea oneless thing the lads have to worry about with all the tours there doing now when the lads are back in camp should try and keep the working week down to 4 and half days as much as possible i think anyway.
^Does it help if you are RMQ qualified? What other courses are expected on your CV?
RMQ quals are a bonus but they certainly don't get you in any faster or easier.

There are no courses needed as a pre-requisite to join the mpgs, if there is a need for a person to do a course, then there are ample opportunities to be sent on one.

Obviously if you have RMQ, SAA, BCDT then you would be an asset but if there are no vacancies for promotion at your chosen site then you will hardly be able to use them as a tom.

matt12345.... the MPGS are taking over MDP duties as they cost a lot of money to employ as a static guard and we cost regiular army rates of pay (a little less... x-factor and all that).

Also it frees personell needed for trade duties and ensures a better quality of life for theose who are away on ops a lot of the time!

If you are still in and would like to stag on a bit more, just see your bage man, I'm sure he'll arrange a couple of extra duties for you!!!
^ thanks for the prompt reply.

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