MPGS 1st Three months service get out clause!

Have the rules changed regarding the get out clause? When I joined I was informed that the RAF and Navy were allowed a 3 month get out option when first joining the MPGS. The Army however were not entitled to the same time scale. I have since heard that this has now changed, and the 3 month cooling off period applies to everyone. True or False?
False, ex RAF & Navy have 3 months, ex Army have to serve 12 months.

However the MPGS is gaining momentum and if someone wants out they will normally be released quite quick if they give a good enough reason. They can be replaced pretty quickly these days as there is a waiting list for most sites these days.
I also think that your OC can waiver it as well , if say you have another job lined up and you may lose it as a resualt of this 12 month clause.
You will have to do your time. It is up to your unit commander (sgt, ssgt, wo2) if he will let you go a little early...... here its a real little bit early!

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