Can anyone help me? i'm booked on my MPC (TA) in Feb of next year and was looking for some info on what to expect? Tried speaking to people in the unit but they prefer to try and scare you off a course than tell you exactly what to expect (good and bad).

Any info would be gratefully recieved and if anyone has came off one recently a course programme would be even better! want to start some training and need to know what to expect!

Cheers Folks,

The sadest of sacks!
Well I've looked up MPC and it seems to be a sort of REMF Brecon... So I'd say:

- FITNESS - Definitely.
- NAVIGATION - Just practice the basics.
- ORDERS - You should already know about the orders process etc. as a lance jack, but revise yourself fully because they'll have that attitude also.

Anyone else?
Just done the MPC(A). :)

If its the Grantham course your booked on, the MPC runs at the same time as the MPC(A), but completely separately. Orders is the big mind fcuk 8O 8O , try to get someone in your unit to run through the extraction process with you, its a difficult concept to grasp for most. Get yourself a Nyrex folder (the Grantham PRI shop ones are expensive!!!) but dont worry about inserts as they will be provided in the format they want you to use on the course.

Map reading is also important, especially bearings :? . You'll need that skill for the excercise phase which for the MPC deploys on the monday of the second week. Expect 3 days of sleep depravation and constant patrolling leading up to the assault thursday morning. By the time you get back to PWOG you'll be hanging out of your arrse! :omfg:

On the fitness front, you'll do the PFT - Sit ups, push ups and the BFT - but failing this does NOT mean a fail on the course, just give it your best effort. :thumright:

As for the rest, lots of classroom work, drill, APWT and leadership tasks in the first week. :slow:

Make sure you pack your sense of humour and above all, have fun, persevere and play the game - its only for 2 weeks! :headbang:
Cheers Maniac,

It is the MPC at PWOG, I've got a couple of weekends sorted out to go over the orders process etc. Any other hints/tips you can provide?

Is the accom in any better condition not been to PWOG for a couple of years now!!!!

Are the DS ok?
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