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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by foxhound_one_zero, Dec 24, 2012.

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  1. Good evening all!

    I have got a place on an MPC course in February and was just wondering what I should expect.

    I've heard it's mainly orders with a bit of drill thrown in for good measure.

    Don't really know anything else other than that!

    Can anyone give me a heads up - anything I need to take with me to make the course easier/more comfortable?

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. The instructors carry a pistol, anyone that shows signs of weakness or hesitation gets shot.
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  3. Are you Dixon of Dock Green?
  4. Would you not ask the folk in your unit who have done the course or am I being too sensible?
  5. What is MPC ?
  6. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Orders, Orders in the field, Drilling a squad, basic weapon handling supervision, Couple of PFT's, room inspections of others, lack of sleep, that kind of shizz. Been a while, so bits have probably changed.
  7. I would ask people in my unit but I'm part of a national TA unit so don't really see anyone very often!

    Thanks C_d for the one sensible answer!
  8. Polar69 - it's basically a corporal's course. For promotion from L/Cpl to Cpl
  9. Since you didn't specify national or regional, I was not been unreasonable in my suggestion.
  10. Nice one, good luck.
  11. It's like Junior Brecon but with Down's Syndrome.
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  12. I heard there's an endurance march with 29kg, not to mention your hands handcuffed to your ankles tabbing 6 minute miles. For extra morale the PTI has a horse whip which he spanks stragglers with.....and NO biff wagon
  13. Bloody hell, it was so much harder in my day. Bet they have quilts too!!!! Herumph!
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