Can anyone help???? my wife is a chef in the TA and has been medically downgraded since Jan 2003, it is very unlikely that she will be upgraded, she has been recommended for promotion from Cpl to Sgt for the last 2 years but is being told by her Master Chef that she has to complete her MPC and then her MPC(A) before she can be considered and that she will be demoted if she does not complete her MPC as a minimum.
Since she recieved her substansive rank prior to these courses being implemented and being fully qualified under the previous promotion guidelines does anyone know what her options are, as at this moment in time the TA is likely to loose another chef.

:lol: I know probably not a bad thing, but so much for retention :?
Not sure on the specifics of the RLC promotion rules, but if she currently holds substantive rank, they cant just demote her. If she wasnt qualified, she shouldnt have been promoted to sub rank in the first place.

I also thought that being downgraded wasnt a stopper on promotion now. I know our corps certainly has downgraded personnel on the promotion courses such as CLM, and the Corps element of CLM.

She needs to go to the RAO and get the rules from the book.

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