Can anyone help???? my wife is a chef in the TA and has been medically downgraded since Jan 2003, it is very unlikely that she will be upgraded, she has been recommended for promotion from Cpl to Sgt for the last 2 years but is being told by her Master Chef that she has to complete her MPC and then her MPC(A) before she can be considered and that she will be demoted if she does not complete her MPC as a minimum.
Since she recieved her substansive rank prior to these courses being implemented and being fully qualified under the previous promotion guidelines does anyone know what her options are, as at this moment in time the TA is likely to loose another chef.

:lol: I know probably not a bad thing, but so much for retention :?
I don't know your full circumstances, but I'll try and have a stab at your questions:

1. Just because a recommendation for promotion has been given it does not mean you will be promoted. A soldier could be recommended on every CR but never be promoted. It's the pen picture that gets the rank.

2. If she is medically downgraded she cannot be employed as fully as an FE soldier. So why would a CO want her in a higher rank?

3. If her rank is substantive then I cannot see how she can be demoted. If it's acting or local, then demotion is a possibility.

4. Do you think she should be promoted without completing MPC or MPC (A)? If everyone else has to why should she be exempt? Downgraded soldiers can attend MPC/MPC(A), but that is another bone of contention.

5. Seek advice from the the Adj, or manning officer. Does she get on with the Master Chef? He should be advising her as her boss, and hopefully giving her some top cover.

Fair play to her if she jacks it in, but the rules are there for a reason, and we all need to abide by them. Don't take this the wrong way, but I have seen regular soldiers in worse predicaments, having to pack in their full time career due to similar problems. Your wife is part time. Does your income rely on her TA wages?
Thanks for your comments but I feel that you have maybe missed the point a little bit.
The point is, if a person is promoted into a substansive rank they have to be qualified for that rank, so how can they then be demoted because of a new course or a restructuring of an old course takes over the qualification/promotion criteria. If that is the case why have we all not been retaking courses throughout our careers.
As for her TA wages, she has served for 15 years and held her present rank for 7 years and also had 2 children during this time, I think that shows a commitment that goes beyond just collecting her wages.
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