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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by RecruitAC, May 17, 2008.

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  1. In my application to AFC, I've now passed ADSC (6 Weeks back) and recently recieved postage on this Military Prep College in build up to AFC or ATR Intakes.
    It says that it is Invite only, and there is an insight day on the 5th of June.

    Anyone else heard of this?
  2. There are 3 MPC colleges. one in Cardiff, one in Portsmouth and now one in Southampton. Each candidate is interviewed before being allowed to attend the 22 week course. The course is designed to work on your fitness and military skills before you start basic. But more importantly, it enables youngsters to come out of their shells and give them the life skills so they can start basic training with a more positive attitude.
  3. Yeah, the one in Southampton is my local one.
    Really does make a difference then?
    I don't think I am able to do the 22 Weeks though considering my AFC basic begins in less than 17 weeks.
  4. What are you going for RecruitAC?
    Good luck, and post somewhere how AFC is please, thinking of going there next year! :)
  5. If you mean Capbadge/Job then it should be obvious I'm aiming for the royal Artillery and Jobwise: Observation Post Assistant (OPA)

    The Army Preparation Course has been running in Wales since 1999.There are now six in Wales (Cardiff , Valleys, Swansea,Haverfordwest,Wrexham and Bangor) There are also numerous APC's in England and Scotland.The standard varies between locations and is dependant on the quality of the training providor and the military staff working with them.The basic aim of the course is to help prepare applicants to pass ADSC (selection) I have been involved with the Cardiff & Valleys courses from the outset and they help the recruiting effort a great deal.
  7. It's a 22 week rolling course. You can join and leave anytime during the course. The recruiting office will alreay know you're in the application process and it'll be a good way of preparing yourself for things to comes. I know the one in Portsmouth has had a very good success rate with students going on to basic training.
  8. Ah, sounds awesome.

    Actually that really has made it alot clearer.
    I may just take it up! As it seems I'm barely motivated to do anything ore than a fuckload of weight training and pressups at home :D

    Thanks for the help and info guys.
  9. The best ones in the North west are at Preston, Burnley and salford all run for 14 weeks and supported by the Army. They are run by a company called Avenir Training and they are as close as you can get to phase 1.

    Try the web

  10. Pun intended?
    I'm hoping on going to the AFC in September..Haven't heard anything about these colleges..
  11. Whats the cost? Seems a bit daft, the army will train you for free!