Discussion in 'RLC' started by spartan5762, Jan 24, 2008.

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  1. The MPC(A) after having changed is now a good course the standard of Instruction was tops but the corps will not get anywhere until they realise that courses dont run on thin air. On my course a certain MOD vehicle supply firm supplied half the quota needed two of that half broke down!!!. The students are now deploying on Ex in a coach how can the Power to the punch not supply Vehicles/NVG's/Cws etc to its Senior Command Cadre!!!!!.
    DRLC and co are just shutting thier eyes to this and instead are spending s**t loads of money sending units to exotic places for weeks at a time.Coupled with the fact that you get biffs turn up with fablon covered biff chits pi**ing and dripping about the fact that "I havent done this since 1846" no wonder the FE students get a bag on and the same biffs that cant walk 100 metres on a teaching ex still manage to reach for the lasers till 2am at the club of love!!!!! and the next day get someone else to put thier bergan on the back of the wagon=PATHETIC :evil:
  2. Has been said many times before on several threads and will never change as long as people can go skiing or powerboating in the Caribean.
  3. That is down to the biffs, they either pull their weight or let everyone else carry them. Just finished my MPC (A) and have to agree with the equipment that they are given is pants. 1 of the L/Rs we had was in rag, literally. The amusing thing is that these vehicles are hired from the supplier!!
    For the record I'm a 'BIFF' and at no point did anyone else carry my bergan and there were as many FE students dripping about not doing this stuff as there were biff's.
  4. hopefully in the near future i will be doing this course,for 17 years i've been FE p***ed all fitness requirements even at 37 no problems.unfortunatrly my vehicle hit an IED last yr on herrick 6,busted my leg and foot badly,looking at being permantly p7,i now find myself concerned ,am i going to be labelled a biff as well ? i was nearly F**king killed on the job,but still have to prove im fit to be a snco sure i accept that but fitness i wont be able to do properly.
  5. Shaggy, you was injured on Ops and there is no stigma for that, quite the opposite, you have my respect for getting off your arse and getting onto courses rather than whining off them.

    The Biffs that p*ss people off are the fat malingerers that expect everything gifted to them because they can't be arsed. Fat and lazy is no way to get through life. These feckers should be kicked out to make room for people who actually give a shit.
  6. IC Diplomacy strikes again :D