Discussion in 'RLC' started by blackninja980, Dec 17, 2007.

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  1. It was good & I enjoyed it.

  2. It was necessary so I did it.

  3. It was ARRSE!!!!

  1. Back in August I completed my MPC(A) course. I found the standard of instruction to be excellent, but was a little concerned about the facilities available.

    I don't want 5 star accomodation or any of that but the "classroom" was beyond a joke (a dimly lit gym), the funding for the course appears to be done on a shoestring, and with the current backlogue of people needing the qualification it just seems ludicrous that the course is run on such a tight budget.

    As I said the instructors were great and you have to feel for them as much as the guys attending future courses.

    Also is there any truth that MTW(G) will be running these courses soon in order to reduce the backlogue?

    I've include a poll to gauge your opinions of your the course.
  2. Are we discussing the new MPC(A) or the old one I did mine before they changed it?
  3. One of our lads finished his last week. Ill ask him to comment if he wants to.
  4. MTW(G) will be running courses in 2008.
  5. For a Regimental course I enjoyed it but as has been pointed out the whole thing is run on a tight budget and the facilites are extremely poor. This is an embarassment to the Corps.

    All the money seems to be thrown at the recruits with no regard given for funding for important career courses later in peoples careers.
  7. I did mine when the course first moved over to Aldershot, and i actually enjoyed it. The last week was cake, as it seemed to be wasting time till the end, but everything else was good.
    Agree with the funding of recruits compared to later-on courses though.
  8. resources are tighter than a tight thing...

    85 Sqn is moving to deepcut, don't know exact date, but i'm sure resources will improve then...

    this was a hobby-horse of the previous Corps adjt, so i'm sure the director is aware...
  9. But are they not selling Deepcut???
  10. No plans to sell Deepcut

    Even if DTR ph2 goes live, it won't be until at least 2012, then if DCLPA is relocated to St Athen the crown will most likely retain ownership of Deepcut, would be ideal for units returning from germany etc...

    The driver for this is relocating units from St Omer in order to do more building there, super garrison etc
  11. Did it in Oct, the best bit was when 3 mattress came out to the harbour area, and 30 BIFF chits came out on the BFT.

    I can honestly say phase ONE recruits know more about tactics and how to do the most simple stuff than most of the cse did.

    O and i loved the way (you know who) insisted on wearing TROPICS, just made him look like a nig trying to look like a bigger nig
  12. Nigs and warm beer........
  13. Did you also get the encouragment from all the biffs at the top of the hill after you have done the same attack about ten times???
  14. I've heard that there is such a backlog of personnel who need to get qualified that no one fails and it is just an attendence course. (and thats from two lads who finished it last friday).
  15. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I did mine a number of years can't comment on the new one.

    I do recall it wasn't as hard as the RPC2 and the DS seemed bitter and resentful.