Discussion in 'RLC' started by bowchicawowwow, May 11, 2007.

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  1. Hi lads - I will be starting my MPC(A) next month and wondered if anyone has any pointers for me, such as entrance tests, useful kit etc
  2. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Don't fail the entrance tests or you'll be RTU.
  3. Entrance tests are now Fieldcraft, mapreading, first aid, weapon handling test and BPFA.
    You'll need to swot up as there is currently a large failure/RTU rate at the moment.
  4. :lol:

    Beat me to it!!!!
  5. Yeah cheers - anyone got a copy of these entrance tests or anything else I can use or that will help me.
  6. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    If you've passsed MATTS you should have no problem. Do you have a training wing?
  7. It cost a pound for a striptease at Tiffany's and £10 for a one to one lapdance, the Snooker club cost £3.50 to join and don't forget your ID card to get into Cheeks night club.
    Not too sure about the Cse content, I was too busy doing all the above to stay awake during the drivvle
    (And I still passed!) :wink:
  8. Yeah I've passed my matts if the entrance tests are based on them I'll be fine but I've heard rumours that they're quite wide of the mark and I do have a trg wing but they aren't being very helpfuleither, they say that they've no idea of course content so cannot help.
    I have got a distance learning disk sent out from the course but it is all about orders and estimates and whilst I gather that that is all necessary on the course I'm still worrying about entrance tests. i know I probably shouldn't but thats the kind of person I am!!

    Oh - and where's Tiffanys?
  9. Don't worry about the course, piece of p**s. There are pre MPC (A) courses out there to get the basics back up. Very much aimed at chefs coz they're rubbish at all things, inc cooking. But eve if your not a chef it'll help. Did mine in Germany at MTW(G) don't know the UK eqivilant not having spent much time there. I know the pre cse I went on was grossly under suscribed due to nobody being aware of it. You'll probaly have to do a bit of phoning about by the sounds of your training wing. Enjoy.

    Get a taxi to Tiffany's if nobody on cse knows where it is. Costs £2.50 to get in. At least it did. Girls are free if you avoid them as they move around the bar collecting cash.
  10. Five people from my unit are on the same course. Winner that gives them 4 chances of getting a lift back to camp on the Monday after the tests! LoL. I am just as positive as the rest i think!

    Totally agree with the comments made about the Study CD suppled with the course joining instructions. Not really much direction given. Well unless you call the 2 complete volumes of the Infantry Tactical Manual direction! More like head F@&k. Sometimes i wonder why the RLC always goto the extremes.

    Whilst i am sure that some quarters within the RLC are mightily proud of the large number of soldiers being RTU'ed for failing the entrance tests, i would argue that it is a major failing of the Sqn involved with Trg, a waist of money and in some areas could be considered damaging to the integrity of the course.

    Any road, a friend of mine has put a 30 page pack together with likely questions on . It cover the main areas. Fieldcraft, Map Reading and First Aid. It is quite useful. Please remember this is not a copy of the Entrance Tests. Only a guide to possible question. If you would like a copy please IM me tomorrow and i shall send you a copy. None of the questions on the paper have been answered so it will give you a good indication of the areas you need to brush up on.

    Good luck with the revising and the course.
  11. Bit late to start revising now, should have started that months ago!!!!
  12. Just passed my MPC(A) MATT standard is correct if your Regt covers all areas. Alot of it is pnemonics like for fieldcraft PAWPERSO, PACERSSDO, CAKE, REEPI. For Navigation DDCRAPS, TRECH and for BCDT the 7 Rs of battleshock the 3 types of burns. Finally it now costs £15 for a lapdance and cheeks has now been renamed The Vox.
  13. There is a lot of CAKE on the course but it is outweighed by the ARSE!!!!!
  14. Thanks for the help Strima - very useful :roll:

    Cheers everyone else. :D
  15. Glad to be of service....

    As long as you admin isn't up your arse and you can get your orders cracked you'll be OK. Remember that once you've done your orders that isn't the end of your command appointment, you must maintain control throughout even if you don't achieve your aim, they look at the way you handle it.

    Is that better????