Discussion in 'RLC' started by spudnik, Sep 10, 2006.

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  1. does anyone know the the mpc(a) format of the course
  2. Hopefully the DS do - there's a few for starters.
  3. The format is as follows;
    1. Turn up and get a car pass.
    2. Meet up with lads you aint seen in years.
    3. Go to Tiffanys as much as possible and fall in love with at least 9 strippers.
    4. Listen to jumped up full screws while they give your their vesion of RLC Ops even though they've only got a Queens jubilee medal to share amongst them!
    5. Watch as half your Platoon pull out their biff chits before the exercise phase so you have to do 3 times more stags.
    6. Deploy on an aggresive camping trip and try to get your section of Chefs from A to B kinda tacticaly.
    7. Finish the course not really knowing what you achieved then get a course report saying you could be good enough to work there (Which is a f*ckin insult!)
    But I did hear the course lay out was changing so delete 6 and insert;

    6a drive up and down the exercise area and get shown how to react to a contact by walt instructors with bare chests!

    I aint bitter, just felt it was a waste of 4 weeks of my career!

    I'll get me coat............

  4. Its not as hard as that....

    Monkey shhhh man you will scare people off!
  5. you forgot...........

    number 8 - learn to scale the assault course carrying ammo tins full of stones and ash poles whilst wearing goggles with black nasty over them. Don't step over the mine tape or the crocs will get you :D