MP7 In Helmand

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Ritch, Sep 17, 2008.

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  1. I was watching the news the other night and they had Robert Moore following British Troops in Helmand. I was convinced that one was carrying a MP7 with forward front grip. I was just wondering if our lads actually use these out there or if in fact I need to get down to Specsavers.

  2. On that Michael Yon report on 2 PARA, there was a picture of a Para with the new version of the L85, with foregrips and picatinny rails, maybe it was that? About halfway down the page...
  3. Yeah, I've just had a shufty and it looks a lot like what I saw. In my defence I must say that I only had a brief glimpse of it on the TV. And another plus for you lot. I feel like a tit. :?

  4. Donnald & aitcheson have an offer on 2 for one bottle bottoms :lol:
    No seriously tho, not sure if they would spend money on such weapons especially when the round it fires (4.6mm) i believe isnt the easiest to come by in the field should there be a resupply issue.
    Nah could have been an a2 with underslung they have a diddy pistolgrip slightly like the mp7... from the top deck of a bus .... on a dark night....... with tears in your eyes.......and a skinfull.. 8O
  5. If your talking about what I think your talking about then it is simply a new hand guard with a bipod attachment. I slapped one on the other day.
  6. The ACOG sight looks the it any good?..I've never used one :(
    handy for CQB i imagine, just got back form Cossack Step with the Poles and they have a hologram type sight on their Version on the AK (5.56mm) but its only good up to 200m.
    not sure about the hand guard thing.....the new issue one is fine without a foregrip think it will depend on the individual. :wink:
  7. guys they are all SA80S just it has been modified
  8. Looking at the vert grip, it looks a little long? I imagine it might be a hinderance when firing prone, however I've never used one so that's just a guess.

    Also, the bipod that comes out I'm guessing is fixed. So when using it the weapon persumably wouldnt tilt when aiming up and down, would this also be abit cack?

  9. fcuk the Mp7 .... aint this the most ally picture!

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  10. that pic needs to go in the ally section pal, dam good one

    looks like he is looking at the gimpy thinking "youll get someuse today baby"
  11. It would look allier if he was holding it like a Gimpy instead of a guitar.
  12. His head is too small for the body.
  13. No m8 his balls are bigger fcukin great piccy to show the grandkids,
    Hope the lad gets that far.