MP3 Players...which one?!

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by happy_as_a_hat, Sep 1, 2007.

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  1. I'm looking at replacing my iPod, which has just died in a horrific accident involving a truck cab, some butter fingers and the ground.

    Are there any realistic high(ish) capacity MP3 player alternatives out there? I've had a gander on Amazon but the reviews there are confused and people have completly the opposite opinion of different players such as Sony and Creative Zen.

    Looking at 3 areas; ease of use of player and software, flexibility (in organising my tunage) and durability.

    I'm not bothered about watching videos or storing all my phots on it, that why I have a TV and a scrapbook!

    Any advice/pointers/reviews needed!
  2. You can't go wrong with a Zen...
  3. Get the Creative Zen Vision M. I too wasn't interested in video capability until I got one and filled it with porn. It is now an absolutely indispensable weapon in my self-abuse arsenal.

    Oh yeah, it's a good bit of kit too - tough, good battery life, good sound quality, plays more types of file than the iPod blah blah blah.
  4. I've got a Zen as well brilliant bit of kit. I've also got a cheapo sandisk flash drive for going to the gym etc.
  5. Any truth? I don't have enough cash to be seen off so I'm after a definate good buy. My reason for being a bit anti iPod is that I had two before and both died; one crashed and the other ones wheel stopped working!
  6. I've had my Zen for over a year and the only problems i've had is the occaisional crash, which is easily fixed by pressing the reset button. That bloke is talking bollocks if you ask me.
  7. :twisted: bought my kid a vision m 30gb from creative and its still going and hes just as ham fisted and clumsy as me so it gets my nod .

    Plays more formats than ipod on video and as stated above its a very handy tool for storing certain video files on exercise (just remember to wipe them before you hand it back !!! )

    not had a problem yet :twisted:

    get some clear covers for the screen no matter which type of player you get ,they cost a couple of quid and just stick on :twisted: .
  8. I've had two Creative Zen's and they have both failed on me and were shite. I didn't like them one bit and was actually glad when the second one failed.

    I then made the switch to Ipods and now have a few but then again I am an Apple geek and use a Macbook as well.

    Ipods are successful for a reason you know...

  9. Had two Zens..both died

    Back with i Pod you can not go wrong! :roll:
  10. Creative Zen Stone. £27.99 from Currys. 1GB, and it's rechargeable. If my Italian girlfriend can't break it, it must be pretty darn indestructible. I dropped it down the bog one time too.
  11. Avoid the Sony Walkman series. The software is so dreadful the people responsible should be burned at the stake. Nothing works properly with it and its got more bugs than the Amazon rain forest. Whenever I try to add songs to it I usually end up corrupting the stupid thing. The display is also rubbish - its unreadable in sunlight.

    I have to say its the worst product I have ever owned. Luckily it was a gift so it didnt cost me anything.

    You can't go wrong with the Ipod. The player works very well, its a paragon of good design and the software works beautifully. The battery life is its only weak point.
  12. I'd go Ipod again.
    I've heard of some peoples Ipods breaking and if you take it to an Ipod shop they'll give you a replacement for nothing, but I think it depends on how it breaks.
  13. Needed for when you are watching videos on ex, then??
    "Wipe it before you give it back" indeed!
  14. Had my ipod for 2 years, and no probs.

    Mrs heid, MP3, had 3 in that time, now has an ipod!
  15. I have a had a creative zen vision m 30gb for over a year now, cost £170 at the time and died recently, since it cost so much I thought I may as well try and fix it.

    It was failing to charge, I tried updating the firmware and doing a full factory reset (as advised on the support forums) but it didn't work so I took it apart and replaced the battery (bought from ebay) , it now works, and the third party batteries are supposedly better than the official one, but I bought a spare just in case.

    So by all means by one, it has an excellent high definition screen,great compatability and sounds awesome with bass boost, but buy spare battery for about £8 if you do as it's a common fault.

    You can get the 60gb model for £160 now on amazon, 60gb is about 30hrs of high definition porn.