MP Watch- Dr John Reid

Dr John Reid, the MP for Airdrie and Shotts was noticeable absent from the Remembrance Parade in Airdrie this year. This is the same Dr Reid who "taught George Galloway the entire IRA songbook".
Happy to send our guys off to war, he can't be arsed getting out of his bed to attend a service in their memory.
His office claim he was travelling and couldn't attend. Airdrie is HALF AN HOUR from Falkirk. He could have been to the service, met the veterans afterwards and STILL made it to Falkirk, where he could have heard the aforementioned IRA songbook being recited.
His office also claim that he usually attends the main service in London. While that may have been the case when he was in the cabinet it's not true, and indeed I met him at the local service two years ago.

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