MP Tobias Ellwood attacked by thugs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by harareboy99, Jun 21, 2009.

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  1. Police are investigating after four youths repeatedly punched an MP in the head in a vicious attack in his seaside constituency. Skip related content
    Related photos / videos Police are investigating after four youths repeatedly punched MP Tobias Ellwood.

    Bournemouth East MP Tobias Ellwood tried to stop the gang throwing a ball around in Boscombe High Street, Dorset, when they turned on him.

    They threw the ball at point blank range at his face twice when he asked the trouble-makers to move on.

    The gang then got angry when he took photographs of them on his mobile phone as evidence and called police.

    The youths tried to steal his mobile phone. Witnesses then saw the gang of four take a number of violent swings at his head.

    Yahoo News

    He should given back as good as he got.
  2. Violent chav scum vote labour
  3. I love it when MPs, judges and senior cops come face to face with the 'public'.

    Pity it doesn't happen more often.
  4. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke.
  5. Violent chav scum don't vote, so why Labour give a fcuk about them is a bit of a mystery, to be honest.

    As a former Green Jacket officer who's served in Cyprus, he should know what the appropriate response should be. :twisted:
  6. At the forefront of his mind I am sure was the opening gambit "tough on crime............."
  7. Maaybe these 'thugs' were simply taxpayers trying to get some of their money back.
  8. Not voting is as good as a vote for Labour, which is why they wield unchallenged authority despite only polling a fifth of the popular vote. Keep them stupid and give them bread and circuses and then the Government will be chosen by the 'intellectual elite'. If you persuade enough of those bien pensant, naive liberals to vote for your pseudo-socialist ideals then you are in power for good. They have only recently blown it when these 'intellectual' dullards have finally realised that the policies they have been supporting have a cost, because they can no longer afford a second home in Tuscany ("Oh, I'm a socialist - but even we socialists need a holiday") and the price of hummus has gone through the roof.
  9. Boscombe High Street is a dismal sh!thole plagued by feral children and smackheads.

    Which is a shame because its proximity to a lovely beach and Victorian buildings would have given it a lot of potential before the B & B owners basically gave it to the council to house their social lepers, i.e. single mothers from Liverpool and their armies of drug-dealing 'boyfriends' evading their local constabularies.

    It sucks, but since the Bournemouth police are hogtied in efforts to really deal with the poor underprivileged darlings, I doubt they'll be able to prosecute them to the extent deserved when they do find them.

    (The Tankie's had a run-in with said feral brats and I've spoken to the local cops about a couple of incidents, so the above is a paraphrased assessment from the local cops themselves.)
  10. Toby is a good guy and I was on the RSO's course with him may years ago. I don't recall seeing his name in any of the Daily Telegraph reports so he may be the rarity, an MP with shallow pockets.

    I agree it would be nice if he had flattened the lot but in today's world there would have been headlines of "MP on multiple assault charges"......
  11. I live in the conurbation, and yes, Boscombe is an epic shithole.
  12. He appears in the very handy "Complete Expenses File" issued free with yesterday's Telegraph under the 'making a mockery' section. It does seem a bit harsh, as this was based on him putting in a claim for £3,880 for a loft conversion at his second home in South London in 2007, which was rejected by the fees office as a 'material improvement'. To be honest, he seems to have a right to be aggrieved at the fees office, in that this was unacceptable yet mock tudor cladding for Prescott Towers was fine! Given the claim was for £3,880 it was no way that was the 'cost of a loft conversion' and may well have been the element for an office within the loft conversion. He did, however, manage to claim exactly £23,083 in ACA which is exactly the maximum allowed (and it is an astonishing coincidence how many MPs random receipts throughout the year all add up to this magic amount).

    He should still have given them a kicking. The papers would have had a field day, but if Cameron could have held out long enough before sacking him to satisfy the Press's 'amoral outrage', he might have found over half the population saying "good on him, I'll vote Tory if they all agree to give the chavs a good kicking" and decided that taking on the scum is an asset, not a liability. We, the British Public, are fed up with being soft on crime and blind to the causes of crime.
  13. Stand by: politicians demand a "UK Secret Service" to provide 24/7 Close Protection for ALL Members of Parliament. :roll:

    Funding for this new Agency to be taken from the Defence Budget... :twisted:
  14. This is obviously untrue; the Government and senior Police Officers have told us time and again that Violent Crime is decreasing. So noone is assualted any more. Ever. It does not happen... :evil:
  15. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I heard Mrs Ellwood on the radio a couple of weeks ago talking about expenses etc. She made the point that whilst they are not poor they are not as well off as many people assume. Having to maintain a second home does mean they have to be careful with the pennies. She also mentioned that as Mrs MP she is 'expected' to do all sorts of things for which there is no compensation and that if their income goes down as a result of the current situation then she will not be able to afford to do some of them any more.

    I am probably not doing her justice here becasue she was not whining just making some statements of facts.