MP steps down over death threats

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by frog_face, Jun 22, 2007.

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  1. Labour MP Mohammad Sarwar has revealed that he is stepping down after getting death threats linked to a gang he helped convict for a racist murder.

    The 54-year-old, who was Britain's first Muslim MP, has told party activists he will not be contesting his Glasgow Central seat at the next election.,,30100-1271788,00.html

    I guess it has sod all to do with his son being banged up for money laundering nearly 900,000 quid?
  2. Why would his son's actions make any difference? He is an adult and would take responsibility for his own criminality.
    This MP, whatever you think of his politics, helped jail a gang of racist murderers. He deserves praise for that alone. It is a pity he is forced to put his family's safety before his service to his constituents.
  3. Tough on crime; tough on the causes of crime.

    Provided it is crime commited by old ladies or invalids.

    Real criminals = TOO DIFFICULT, and spoils the targets.

    Bliar you were in May 1997 a grinning spiv and Bliar you are in June 2007 still an objectionable, dishonest, disgraced, war-mongering grinning spiv.
  4. Isquared, never said a truer word.....wonder what Gordy will be like??
  5. Might be true but what's the relevance to this thread?
  6. so you consider a murder NOT a real crime?? you are seriously twisted :x
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The bloke done good getting these bods back to face the charges they faced. You can't take that away from him.

    I don't mean to sound, erm, biased, but how did he make his multi-millions? I hope it was not the same 'trade' in which his erstwhile son was engaged. Don't get me wrong on this, because if, as I suspect, he worked bl00dy hard, then all power to his elbow. Just wondering, that's all.

    As for him leaving politics because of death threats, one half of me says "you poof", but the better part of me says "These bods take their death threats seriously, and with good reason as they are not the idle threats of most crims, and the nature of their culture often leads to killings for 'honour'. The culture being Pakistani of course.
  8. If Braun likes playing Gauleiter to Busch he may end up a complete twerp. However, if he tries to woo Old Europe I reckon we will end up totally confused in the MoD, because he will want to be everybody's friend and remain fiscally prudent. I also get the vibe that he is instinctively no fan of us in uniform, probably sees us a bit of an overhead!

    Also watch for the growing confidence of the Treasury as they start scrutinising everything and how much it costs. Large capital projects have got to be at risk.

    The plus is that Gordo might figure out he can fight cheaper wars with DFID, Bono and Geldof - aid and assist everybody into submission - good stuff if he can pull it. Make poilitical hypocrisy history! Well may be not!

    That sh*t-eating grin Frau Braun has got to work on that, he looks bloody scary.
  9. I understand what you are saying, and I am not taking back what he did to get those thugs back to the UK, but stepping down because of death threats seems odd. The death threats are for something 'he did' not something 'he is going to do' therefore the threats will surely remain, whether he stays an MP or not?

    Also, he wants to protect his family -who wouldn't - but surely he will have greater protection by staying as an MP (unless MPs still keep high level protection?) Of course we don't know the threat (maybe the threat is if he stayed as an MP he would be killed?)

    I am just a tad sceptical with this image-conscious government, he may have been 'asked' to step down in case his son's dealings entered the main pages of the news? Of course, what his son does is nothing to do with his father but like it or not as an MP he is in the public eye and the public sometimes do not make the difference.
  10. In adition to the (Pakistani) gang, I believe he's also been getting death threats from neo-Nazis due to him being openly Asian. The guy just can't win.

    Makes you proud doesn't it? Sometimes I wonder why my grandfather bothered seeing off Rommel & Hitler during WWII.
  11. I lived in his constituency for a good few years and a hell of a lot of dirty tricks went on when he was first elected.

    His fortune is legit, he made his money in the cash n' carry biz but he is a dodgy character no doubt about it.

    Fair do's to him, he was by all accounts a decent MP.
  12. The murder of that 15 year old boy was shocking-if you read the details of the case that was in the papers a few months ago.

    The gang that did it, ran off to Pakistan-where they they no exraditon order with the UK.

    Without this man, the gang would have got away with it...lets remember it was a child who was killed.

    Mohammad Sarwar bent over backwards to bring these evil scum to justice.

    I say hats off to him, regardless of what his son did, i think we need more MPs with balls like he did.

    Mr Sarwar, you have my respect for all its worth.
  13. Agree Ancient Mariner, sometimes I wonder as well. I did read he was getting death threats from combat 18, etc as well but it wasn't mentioned in the initial report, hence I thought it was ONLY to do with the threats from his involvement in the murder case. Guess he couldn't win either way. I guess I wouldn't like to be blamed for something somebody in my family did.