MP launches drug test machine, tests positive

Yeah yeah, what ever........

THE efficiency of a high-tech drug-testing machine unveiled in Britain was amply proven when the government minister showing it off tested positive for cannabis.

Edwina Hart, social justice minister in the semi-autonomous regional government of Wales, was found to have been in contact with the drug after having a hand swab analysed by the Ion Track narcotics machine.
William Graham, a member of the Welsh Assembly, who had arranged for police to demonstrate the machine at the Assembly building, also tested positive for cannabis.

However, the politicians were keen to stress that such was the power of the device, positive results could easily come from so-called "cross contamination", for example by touching cash or a door handle previously handled by a drugs user.

"You could pick it up from anywhere couldn't you?" Hart said.

"I can't think where I could have got it from," added Graham.

The Ion Track machine can detect minute traces of drugs, or explosives, several days after someone has come into contact with them, even if they have washed their hands.

Police explained later that while a positive test could not be used as evidence in court, it could help police to target people to search or question.
I read about this in the Metro, they said you can pick up the drug residue from banknotes, coins, door handles or pretty much anything. So using the machine to target people to search/question will still be pretty useless considering how likely you are to come into contact with contaminated objects.

Another waste of cash then, the government will snap it up.
The point is that the machine is so sensitive that it can't distinguish a user from someone who handled a contaminated banknote.

Another expensive waste of money then!

Actually, Mythbusters tested whether eating poppy seeds could make you test positive for opiates, and it's true.

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