MP is allegedly bugged whilst visiting constituent in prison

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by frenchperson, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. MP Sadiq Khan may have been bugged whilst visiting a constituent who the US want extraditing. How intimate is the 'special relationship?' In the light of this, very.

    MPs have always been excluded from such unwholesome tactics.
  2. Only because Harold Wilson made it so!
  3. If we pay this guys wages why not bug him, we pay for these people as they are our servants not the other way arround, imagine what would happen if the military were running arround after the terrorists. Priminister the 1st Royal Irish are applying for leave to visit the taliban for some r and r togeather any problems with that?
  4. I should hope the police have the common sense to bug their conversation.

    I wouldn't trust any MP,and definatly not a muslim one.

    The rights to privacy of MPs and muslim traitors to privacy should not exist in a country that has suffered terrorist attacks from these extremists.
  5. It had to be Sadiq Khan didnt it?
  6. But hold on, sir. Wouldn't that be illegal? Surely we have standards to maintain? Aren't we actually on the side of justice and the law, which protects and encourages the right to gather freely, and to enjoy the freedom to move around without fear of intervention from the authorities, be they government or police?

    I'm sure Her Majesty's government would not be happy seeing the constabulary indulging in such scurrilous tactics, and would call for a very rapid cover-up, I mean inquiry soonest?
  7. Frenchperson,

    I wouldn't risk the lives of innocent people over legal niceities when dealing with potential terrorists.

    52 innocent people lost their lives because of MI5 inacivity over the surveillence of terrorist suspects prior to the 7th July 2005.

    These people have declared war on Britain,and as far as I am concerned a bit of couvert surveillence on persons I would consider suspect is of no concern.

    If you think Britain is bad,consider what the Americans,Egyptians or Israelis(to name but 3 countries) would do in similar circumstances.

    If muslims or muslim MPs have a problem with a little illegal bugging,I suggest they fcuk off to a country that they think would indulge them a bit more.
  8. Terrorists must love you. When the State changes to become the oppressive and draconian enforcer of illegal detention, of guilt by association, of "you're all Irish, so you're all guilty" then the terrorist has won his first and hardest Campaign. Islamic fundamentalist of a particularly illiterate form of Islam may have “Decalred War” on the west. That does not mean we should act in the style of Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia.
  9. Inactivity? Hardly. Lack of resources and manpower? Most definitely.

    They can only do so much with the resources available to them.

    How many attacks and plots have been stopped or stalled or are currently under investigation?

    They are working continuously, at a tempo not seen for years. They need to be recognised, funded and resourced adequately for that.

    I'm sure there is an American amendment that specifically prohibits that, and any Congressman bugged withiout his knowledge and consent would raise all kinds of merry hell. The 'Patriot act' does not supercede the Constitution.

    Turning to other idiot statements....

    Laughable, outrageous, positively coated in drool.


    Yes, I don't bother looking at the background before I post either...

    Because this is that dreadful Musselman MP's voting record in Parliament on this issue.

    I would suggest the Honourable Member for Tooting has the Arrsehole because he's actually been one of the more vocal supporters for MORE not less cracking down on threats.

  10. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Sorry but that argument doesn't hold water. You lose the right to free assembly and free speech when you break the law, are convicted and then sentenced to a prison term.

    The fact that an MP is visiting this prisoner is neither here nor there.
  11. No and yes. You don't lose the right to free speech. You do however find it difficut to exercise the right to free assembly. You used to lose the right to vote but that's changed recently.
  12. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    To lower the tone, i was kinda hoping this was a typo...
  13. If Sadiq Khan 'Voted strongly for Labour's anti-terrorism laws', what the bloody hell is he complaining about?

    And as Babar Ahmad is a frothing jihadi I should hope all his communications are bugged.
  14. As far as I am concerned its a fair one.

    He wasnt discussing green issues with a Greenpeace supporter, he was having a chat with an individual suspected of raising money for the Taliban. I would say that could possibly be of interest to the Intelligence services, who knows what might come out if they think the chat is confidential ??

    Nice to see he can make a trip to prison though for a one to one chat, I wonder if all his constituents get the same level of attention ??
  15. In the particular circumstances of this case don't the Security Services have a Common Law right to bug the conversation ?

    The test is not what IS said but what it is reasonable to suspect might be said ?