Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The-Goose, May 15, 2009.

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  1. If MPs need to live in London and buy a house/flat funded by Taxpayers money. Any profit they make on the sale or transfer of that property should be abated by all or a proportion of the money provided by the tax payer. The rule should be that no one actually profits from the provision of taxpayers money.
  2. Put them up in a barracks type accom and then no money need change hands, leave family at real home the way i always had to when I went away at their behest
  3. My Mrs suggested something similar last night I was quite astonished at her sense
  4. I agree with the idea of MP's barracks. It's about time they stopped making money on property at our expense.

    Perhaps they should be given block jobs and room inspections to keep them on their toes.
  5. Chelsea Barrack is up for sale isn't it, keep it build some "posh" travellodge style accomodation with a mess etc then the Public purse can look after that without lining the pockets of the MP's

    Bonuses include it being secure, and central we could even run a shuttle bus at regular intervals to preclude the thieving gypsy buggers fiddling their tube fares.
  6. even better we could have a walking bus scheme like they do in schools, employ some locals in yellow vests to escort them by the hand to parliament and they could even claim that they were being green and leading by example
  7. It did just seem like common sense to me, secure, safe offices on site, mess type feeding by sodexho hopefully, Chelsea Barracks ideal
  8. Its a good idea. They could come clean and show their totalitarian colours by compulsorily purchasing the London Marriott Hotel (County Hall). It coudn't be more convenient, situated as it is between the HP and Waterloo station.
  9. Hounslow or Woolwich may be ideal. Both are dilapidated and need of repair, but Hey-Ho, I'm sure that they'd get used to tiles falling on them when they're having a shower.

    No, in all seriousness, this is the best option. A huge Travel Lodge style building with a Bar, Restaurant etc etc where they could all be allocated a room. Maybe a small fee for food and accommodation and if they then wanted to live elsewhere then they could, but they would have to fund their own digs fully themselves.

    Even better, they could all be given a JPA Log On so that they can do any claims online. I'm sure that they could employ some AGC types to administer the system and audit the claims.
  10. At one time the old RAMC Headquarters Mess on Millbank was considered for ("honourable") Members because it was near to Parliament, had accn, terrific bars and all the stuff required for "Mess type" accn. Secure (own CCTV etc), and handy for the division bell. Sure it was a bit tatty, but the public rooms were a delight. "Too expensive to refurb", they said. :roll:

    I would say that the expense would be considerably less than what we have forked out for many of these greedy sh*ts over the years in proprty scams. :roll:

    Anyway, the Gobmint flogged the Mess to Chelsea College of Art. :evil:

    p.s. Just had my JPA claim given the once-over by the FSA. Couldn't produce a car park receipt for £5-50p. Does this mean I have to resign like that Minister for Justice blerk ?
  11. How can we push forward the Chelsea Barracks Option?
  12. If our soldiers and their familys have to put up with this way of living then the M.P. and their familys can live this way too.
  13. The answer is to pay a rent allowance, not a mortgage allowance.
  14. It's a possibility but, of course, this is open to abuse (hint: check our the rent Malik was paying on his 'so-called' primary residence).

    The only realistic system that could not be abused is the 'MPs travelodge or hotel' option. Known costs are very difficult to fiddle.
  15. Have a Parliamentary estate, property allocated to MP's, furnished from central stock. Proper march in/out's. The MP never touches any cash at all.