MP expenses - Must be an election soon

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mushroom, Apr 21, 2009.

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  1. Broon has announced a whole load of changes to the way Members can legally rob people.

    Must be an election coming up soon.
  2. Or the Budget?
  3. My MP is Lembit Opik. If you are reading this Lembit I suggest you vote in favour of the proposed package or you will lose my vote.

    Not that I ever voted for you anyway.
  4. Clearly Gordon is starting to get rattled, mind you I don't seee him giving up any of his expenses to show an example to the cabinett and his party.

    Probably more important than changing the expenses is tightening up how claims are checked because nearly every one where the sh1t has hit the fan had been approved and paid.
  5. Not to be introduced in this pay year - I am sure. So no change until April next year when moost of Big G's crowd should already be out of a job.

    Slime-ball Paul Flynn was on the radio earlier welcoming the move and saying it should all be linked with an overhaul of MP's second jobs. Almost an "Ashie- esque" attempt to shift the debate to more favourable ground.

    They know they are on their way out and are now in proces of a full scorched-earth withdrawel policy. The budget will put in place time-bomb tax rises which will all kick in over the next 4 years of a Conservative term. More raids on pensions will hit all those who have saved for the future. All public services with the exception of welfare benefits will get hammered by vastly optimistic efficiency savings; departments won't be able to attain savvings so cuts will follow as sure as day follows night.
  6. Well that's the way it works Labour takes over an ecconomy that is going well then hands it back completely knackered a few years later. Mind you the period of strongest growth can be just after a rescession ends which may give 'Call me Dave' a decent chance of a second run. Mind you I do think about 7 years should be the max period in office for a PM, any longer and they get all delusional and lose the plot.
  7. On the face of it Mr Brown's proposals seem almost reasonable.
    I note that there is no actual figure for the daily attendance allowance that is proposed, I presume MP's will atually get the same amount of money out of the taxpayer but without having to justify it at all?

    Once again, Mr Brown almost sounds as if he means it. I will bet my last fiver (which is about all I'll have left at the rate Brown is pilfering my money) that this time next year MP's of all parties are better off than they are now. Any takers?
  8. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    The man is an arrogant disgrace. Why does he think the electorate are happy that the PM and Ministers should have the right to decide what THERE expenses should be without any consultation with their employers. We should be sorting this matter.

    Another whitewash excises that once the small print is found we will find that our dear little friends in Westminster do not lose out.
  9. The notorious Additional Costs allowance (a.k.a. free house from the taxpayer) is to be replaced by an 'attendance allowance' same as the Noble Lords get. This brings MPs into line with the rest of us. I received an attendance allowance when I was working. It was called wages. If I didn't turn up I didn't get paid. This should pi$$ off George Galloway and our friends in the north (Sinn Fein) as they never set foot in Parliament.

    In addition, MPs will not be allowed to employ staff. Parliament will supply any staff that are required. It remains to be seen whether this will stop them 'employing' family members, paying them the entire staff allowance then taking on unpaid interns to do the office work.

    I haven't been able to find out anything about the heavily subsidised bars and restaurants in Parliament where Honourable Members can scoff a 3 course, silver service steak dinner for 3 quid. Some of the bars are free! The rest are subsidised. It is an obscenity that a new entry soldier or sailor on £13k has to pay tax to fund free booze for people earning ten times his income.
  10. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    So we are going to pay them for going to work :? .

    Give them a warrant. All their eating establishments are heavily subsidised by us the tax payer already. Why should we be expected to give them an allowance for meals as well?
  11. Its a damn fine scam they've got going there isn't it?
    Paid twice for one job, subsidised food and drink and bars you can smoke in (while the rest of the country must stand out in the rain)

    I suppose Mr Brown gets to sound tough on the matter for a day or two.
    Its all a bit Marie Antoinette really, so far detatched from the reality that the rest of us face in the real world.
  12. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    I have emailed all three leaders expressing my utter disgust that employees can establish allowances without any consultation with their employers.

    Park up the outrage bus, I need something with 120mm on the end. Let’s see them stop that protesting in Parliament Square.
  13. So a review is commissioned into MP's expenses, to report sometime in the future, and so now MP's are expected on some proposals drawn out of a magic hat!

    Agree that the inability of George Galloway to claim as he never turns up would be a great idea, but nothing much else to disuade the idea of a gravy train.

    I see yesterday that it was revealed that The Speaker claimed £5766 in mileage allowances over the last two years for travel within his 10 square mile constituency - equivalent to 600 miles per month!! I thought he and his family always travelled by taxi?

  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The Speaker of the House sets the example for others to follow.

    Thus, Martin is THE greediest, most corrupt, most reprehensible dirt-bag of the entire crowd. Should we be surprised that the other oiks follow his lead?
  15. Now that we have general agreement that the system will change to something less open to suspicion of abuse, can we now institute and enquiry into expenses already paid to claw back those expenses which were not actually justifiable. In addition any ministers enjoying the use of grace and favour houses should repay all the ACA they have recieved since occupying thos grace and favourr houses, that is every bit as big a scam as Jaqui staying with her sister.