MP Eric Joyce, Pissed, Fighting and Nicked: AGAIN

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ACAB, Mar 14, 2013.

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  1. Isn't it about time the Met re-instated staircases in their custody suites?
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  2. You can take the boy out of Labour ....
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  3. See, this is typical of the sort of remark (slur) that the Police have to put up with on a daily basis. No wonder Gadget binned his blog. I appreciate that a lot of the guys on here are current and ex serving Soldiers, but even so, have you any idea how hard it is to make someone fall 'up' the stairs?
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  4. Hopefully The Speaker will throw him out and he will forfeit his pension for being a criminal, if these allegations are proved in law.
  5. Given that the Speaker is my local MP, I am intrigued: in case I bump into him in town, what are his powers in this respect?

    I'd fuckin' love it if he took this chance to piss Labour off - given that they only voted for him as Speaker to piss off the Tories :-D
  6. "The Sports and Social Club was said to be packed for its regular karaoke night at the time of the incident."

    Now is that Karaoke as per Far East with beautiful hostesses to help one select one's tune, adjust the key to suit one's tone etc, or is it as per the "Old Bull & Bush". I can hazard a guess.......
  7. According to the Beeb he got stuck in to two coppers including having one in a head lock until he was introduced to some stairs to fall down. Feckin ******, how many MPs banged up in the last year or two?

    I'd settle for 'Martial Law'. But only if I can be Der Fuhrer. . . .Hey, I asked first!!!

    German Military Marches - Horst Wessel Lied - YouTube
  8. Hell, MP gets stroppy again and Lord is persecuted by the Jews... I can never now run for public office, I'm over-qualified.
  9. Please let it be prison this time! This sub-human has always been obnoxious and appears determined to prove the point. I thought there was a law brewing that allowed rotten MPs to be thrown out of their seats.
  10. A drunken Scot fighting in a crowded bar, whatever next?

    I mean, who exactly did he outnumber........?
  11. He was most likely asked to pay for the bar tab.
  12. He got away with avoiding prison last time - I don't think that he is going to be so lucky again this time...
  13. I remain to be convinced on that point.