MP brands dyslexia a fiction

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by walt_of_the_walts, Jan 14, 2009.

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  1. Yes

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  2. Yes -in some cases, mostly falsely diagnosed

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  3. No

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  4. No -people are trying to milk the system for what it's worth

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  1. And according to tis government fat people aren't fat because they eat too much and exercise too little, it's in their genes :roll:
  2. From the article

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. A hundred years or so ago my great grandfather didn't know anyone who had cancer, now they're everywhere. In the great war you were a coward, now you have PTSD, sorry guys your just not man enough theres nothing wrong with you (god how I wish that that no-one thought this anymore). Sweeping generalisations are stupid.

    Dyslexia is a legitimate condition, with many varying levels. Yes some people may be diagnosed with the condition when they may simply be an idiot, but I have worked with people who suffer every day, and they would not be impressed with this muppet.
  4. I am sure there are dyslexics around who deserve assistance, but their association claim there are 6 million in Britain. Clearly carp.

    The politcian is going to get cruxified though because he has over-stated the case by claaiming it is a fiction.
  5. Funny, if dyslexia doesn't exist, why do some people acquire dyslexia after a head injury?! By that explanation alone means there has always been dyslexia - even if it wasn't recognised -

    Unless people think word recognition, ability to see letters, to remember words, put words together etc, is all reliant on magic, rather than a refined, intricate system called the brain, it's illogical to think dyslexia does not exist.

    For chirst sake, a baby was born with a foot attached to its brain, surely take suggests all manifestations of nature are possible - including the area of the brain responsible for language comprehension not functioning as it should.

    Personally, I think he should resign. No way should an elected MP be using his position to peddle arguments that are not based on reality.
  6. ON dylsexya is rael. What a tawt.
  7. It would be real enough if there were some gain in it for these corupt cnuts!
    Fcukin useless bunch of barstrds!
  8. Ay saffeh fram disleksia and woht? Big deel.
  9. Lier - you don't see the written effects of dyslexia in countries which spell things phonologically :)
  10. There is a genetic component to weight gain, but what has caused the explosion in obesity in Western Society is a higher standard of living resulting in cheap, plentiful refined rich foods and a sedentary lifestyle.

    Just out of interest, How are Dyslexics identified and diagnosed, and Who does this?
  11. I'm sure I've harped on about this before, when I was at a training establishment and we had mongs, sorry, recruits with any problems and they were tested by some special dyslixia testing person, they all came back with 'It isn't Pte fucknuts fault, it is his dyslexia'
    Strange how a learning/reading/writing/numeracy 'difficulty' can make people violent, abusive, unable to use an iron, incapable of polishing boots, sleep in, go awol... etc etc.
    The genuine cases of dyslexia are being diluted with all these utter mongs. Dyslexia in civi street can occur in intelligent people, how does it only become a problem for problem children in the forces? Could it possibly be that some people are just mentally sub normal, or 'thicker than a whale omelette' if you prefer?
  12. There's also a condition (scam) which runs in parallel with this called "Dyspraxia" which means they're not only thick but also demand everyone's attention.
  13. In the case of a head injury or dementia (semantic dementia for example), it is diagnosed by a neurologist or neuropsychologist. I guess a psychiatrist can too (with anybody), if he/she can be bothered to do the testing - as it's certainly in the DSM-IV as langauge disorder.

    In the other cases, it is normally done by an education psychologist or a clinical psychologist. All of these (including educational psychologists now) have been educated up to doctoral level & have between 6/7 - 12 years of university education.

    Diagnosis is based on the test scores from three hours worth of psychometric testing - it's not just a case of low scores in all areas, it depends on a profile - weaknesses in some areas but not in others - not just overall thickness.

    I've been assessed (it wasn't dsylexia, but an associated syndrome) & when asked what other people said my strengths are - scrambling for things to say, I said "my girlfriend said I'm intelligent" - the educational psychologist then replied - "I'll be the judge of that.".. Which I think sums up that it's not just given to people who are "thick" to account for it.
  14. Dsylexia is a English ( and french) disease. caused by irregular phoneme structure, it is unheard of in countries such as China and Japan as they use symbols instead of words.