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MP Armbands for Officers

Hello all,

Upon my usual trawl through all the relevant forums on the great site that is ARRSE, I noticed that the AGC, APTC and SASC board looks a little dreary with not much new content of late.

So, in order to attempt to do something about this please ponder the following question: Have the RMP dress regs changed recently removing the requirement for Officers to wear the MP Armband when in Number 1s and 2s?

I was told that it had but then I checked on the Provost Portal and the Dress Regs page said that it is to be worn. Incidentally it was updated in Apr 2009 (or sometime close to the middle of the year) which gave me some assurance that it was relatively current.

Can anyone help?

Capt B
Come back next week for a bite...most of us are still on our Hols!! :wink:

Edited to add.....

Biccies will be back then (if not before) to give you an interesting honest answer!
If you go onto the Provost Portal and look at the scrolling screen, you will see that there is a new 'Provost Dress Regulations Interactive Presentation' which gives you all the info you need on officer and soldier dress, including helpful pics!

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