Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by paratus, Sep 21, 2008.

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  1. Right, i'm off to the sand pit in days few, so whats the best way to keep the mozzies from biting.

    I have heard that garlic capsules work to a certain extent. I have got some 50% deet spray, but waht have you lot found works best?
  2. citronella oil on back of knees round ankles, top of neck behind ears, wrists, crook of elbow basically all the hot spots.
  3. Where are you going? The Middle East is a big place.
  4. the stan
  5. DEET in the 100% strength gets my vote. It does work and it's also good for dissolving plastics so look out where you splash the stuff.
    The Loggers in Canada use Vitamin D in overdose quantities. It comes out in your perspiration but you end up smelling like you have swamped yourself.
    There's a hell of a lot of posts on Scottish Midges. Those things are pretty tenacious and need some killingHERE You may get some ideas from this.
    The trouble is if the product you are using has a "scent". It is surprising how far that can carry and be noticed.
  6. We used Paludrine tablets after every munch and this after pre tour Larium injections , still caught malaria twice in Rwanda and Chad, the medic told me the mozzies could smell the sweetness in blood which was what attracted them to certain people.
    Got told by an old sweat tabacco spit rubbed on the extremities stopped them and that did actually seem to work for short periods
  7. I'm one of those people that gets eaten alive by the little buggers and not much tends to work to stop them, however, I when I used the Boots aftersun that had mozzie repellent in (the spray one) I didn't get bitten once. When that ran out I bought something called sleep easy (I think) and that was pretty effective too. I bought it in Africa so not sure if you can get it over here.

    I also remember reading something about an Avon moisturiser that isn't called a mozzie repellant but is supposedly really good at stopping. I can't remember the name of it but in the article it was squaadies that had found it was effective as a mozzie repellant so someone on here may know the name.
  8. it's called SKIN-SO-SOFT by AVON.
    It's the dogs danglys but has a bit of a disco pong off it when put on fresh.
    Works fine on the irish midges and seems to work on the scottish ones too since the booty's are using it.
  9. The Avon product which was said to see off mosquitoes is Skin So Soft - there's a dry body spray in the range.

    When Avon USA discovered what people were saying, they reformulated the product to include an actual insect repellent - BugGuard I think they call it. Avon UK haven't added the repellent but it is still said that Skin So Soft has a deterrent effect to some extent; I think that one of the ingredients is ciitronella, which might explain the repellent effect.
  10. i'll see if I can get some before I go, cheers all
  11. I spent last winter in both Iraq and A'Stan and was never bitten once. I spent time in Kandahar, Bastion, Lash, Price and in Kabul. Maybe I'm lucky. Note that the CoC issue sprays and repellants when required and wherever there might be an infestation the drain sniffers will be out gassing the blighters.
  12. Cheers for that, bought some now anyway (the missus tends to be a mozzie magnet whenever we go on holiday so if i dont need it she'll use at some stage)
  13. See if you can get hold of some of this stuff - OFF. Used to good effect in Canada.