Mozambique - The Next War?

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FT story on role of mercenaries fighting for the Moz govt. Govt apparently doesn't want to invite international forces in, tried Wagner Group, Wagner Group beaten by insurgents, hired mostly South African company Dyck plus various others doing training and support roles, who seem more effective.

Although Dyck is accused of shooting up a crowd from an attack helicopter...seems like a Dyck move?
I thought that they ranged over most of the western Indian Ocean coastline, so Moc would be next on the list.
They do indeed I was just giving the short answer. They are mucking about on Kenyan borders etc.


War Hero
An ex Brit Copper has apparently escaped the attack and slotted two terrorists in the process with a nicked AK47, good drills that man.
Good old Alouette....

SA PMC Dyck Advisory Group (DAG), Alouette III light gunship evacuating civilians from Palma /Mozambique


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