Moyles discovers what he's worth

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Billy_Rubin, Sep 22, 2010.

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  1. Auntie seems to have realised that if they don't pay the loud mouthed fat cunt, he will still turn up to work for the free bacon sarnies. Now all they need to do is only open the canteen after 10am.

    BBC News - Chris Moyles launches on-air tirade over pay

    The sooner he ends up doing hospital radio in Pyonyang General, the better.
  2. Couldn't happen to a bigger knob, god forbid he had to sleep on a sofa!!! Poor petal.
  3. He may be a cunt, but hes also a twat. Making him a fat twunt, and not even a funny one
  4. From Wikipedia

    Pay controversies
    Alongside a number of other Radio 1 and Radio 2 DJs, Moyles crossed a strike picketline in 2005. BBC staff were striking over recently announced job cuts.[39] A report by the BBC Trust on 2 June 2008 revealed that Chris Moyles was paid £630,000 in 2007.[40] However, Moyles revealed in September 2009 that he took a 20% pay cut three months earlier, quoting the reason "I want to work at the BBC, which is trying to save some of its gazillions".[41]
  5. Wanker, tiresome boring wanker.

    Main reason I bought a digital attachment for the car radio - try 6 Music for more music and less shite.
  6. I stand corrected. Although I wouldn't say he is without comic potential. Personally I find the idea of the Beeb giving him his back-pay in heated up coppers via his japseye positively hilarious. I might even pay my licence fee if they did that.
  7. Standby for more BBC " Personalities " throwing their toys out of the pram .... heard on the radio today that the National Audit Office is to be allowed to review the BBC finances for the first time presumably to see if the general public is receiving value for money ... perhaps one gravy train may be finally heading for the buffers .
  8. Too be fair Moyles is a waste of rations however he hasn't been paid for 2 months, think i'd be somewhat miffed too.
  9. bless him, must down to supermarket branded baked beans, or shopping at netto! (couldn't give a fuck really)
  10. Useless unfunny fat pr1ck he puts a plastic on a turntable ffs while someone doing a worthwhile job i.e. a doctor / nurse/ fireman etc get peanuts...........somethings wrong
  11. Last I heard he was on about £630k, probably on more than that now. Very rarely listen to radio one, it has too many overpaid talentless people running the show. Out of an hour, they must talk about 40 mins and play obscure bands the rest of the time.

    Chris Moyles is a fat overpaid clubbed foot twat
  12. Must be the first time in history,that the Beeb has payed someone what they're worth............;-)
  13. I hope he's pissed his boss off enough to sack him, he really is a complete wanker. Additionally if he goes down I hope those sycophantic wankers that make up his team like "comedy" dave go down too. Preferably they'll all form a suicide pact.
  14. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    I very nearly pissed myself reading that. And I thought I had vicious streak.

    PS. Can I nick that if I ever get the chance to apply it to Russel Brand? I'll give you the creative credit and have a whip round for copper donations and everything
  15. Is performance related pay in at the BBC then? :) Couldn't happen to a nicer bloke - thick kunt!