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Discussion in 'RLC' started by aston, Sep 24, 2005.

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  1. hey everyone,

    new here got re-trading on the mind!!

    and i here movement controller is a good bet . but i was wondering if you movers out there could highlight the ups and downs of the trade ??

    and if i do re-trade how long does the first movers course take ??

    and the quickest way to request permission to re-trade take ??

    currently a driver serving in germany

    cheers aston
  2. My understanding is that due to comic shape of their promotion pyramid they are chronically undermanned at the Cpl-Sgt level. As a mover can't do anything until they are a class 1 MOVCON then promotion to that rank is absolutely assured within 4 years irrespective of how many chromosomes you possess. At that point though its hold onto your pants time as you discover that only a fraction of said class 1s are actually deployable leaving the FE movers to stag on until they are divorced and broken.

  3. This sounds familiar? Delete [MOVER] insert [any decent RLC Trade].

  4. hey thanks for the reply

    do you think its a good carrer move at the private level to retrade at ?

    its got to beat the driver trade has´nt it ???????????

    we need some more movers on here give´ing thier view on the trade !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    where are all the movers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cheers aston
  5. I left 10 years ago, but it was the best trade in the RLC then (the rest were still reeling from being amalgamated). I had 24 years of going all over the world - I never regretted it. If you're serving, give the School at Deepcut a call and have a chat with one of the instructors.
  6. dont do it, you will be hated esp at airports
    anybody else agree
  7. dont do it, you will be hated esp at airports
    anybody else agree
  8. I'd say go for it, Its a pinch point trade so they will take you,promotion prospects are better than the Driver trade and at least you will get to go all over the world, Yea, everybody will hate you at Airports but hey! who Gives a Fxxk when u get to stay in top hotels and have an easy life
  9. Theyt won't hate you as much as they hate the pilot that can't take off 'cos he's worked 2 mins in the past month and feels a bit jaded.
  10. I would say GO FOR IT. An excellent trade with great promotion prospects and a lot of diverse job opportunities. I have been out of trade for a few years now (but still serving). My 14 odd years as a movcon were nothing short of fantastic, I travelled all over the world, sometimes on my jack jones but often in small detachments. Unless things have changed you should be prepared to be away from home a lot and probably do twice as many Ops than most would.

    A bit of advice if you do - Always remember that you are there to help and not to hinder.
  11. thanks for the feedback people its been great!!

    but are there any downsides to the trade like to much paperwork or something??`

    chatting with my chief clark and he was saying how the barbtest you do when you join is really important to retrading !!!!
    but when i joined i kind of mucked it up and got a low score !!!!!!!!

    so does anyone know if you can re sit the test or do another test to see if you are suitable for that job ????

    any info on this would be great!!!!

  12. You will need to be SSG 1, i'm not sure if it is still called that these days but in essence you will have to have scored highly on your entry tests. You may be able to re-take them if required. There IS a lot of varied paperwork to deal with and a good grasp of maths and English is required. The trade courses for Movcon used to be lengthy and detailed with many hurdles to get over so work put in now will probably help later.
    The best thing to do is locate your nearest Mov unit, give them a ring and go and visit.
    Hope this helps
  13. No, We dont re BARB retrades!
  14. Mov Con, a much misunderstood trade, yes promotion is quick though not the warp speed of AT! Only problem with retarding is time spent between courses if you are LCpl/Cpl. Would def look into current regs on that. SSG scores used to be the big decider, now in the tree hugger society if your scores low you can still be taken "at risk."

    Question you really need to ask is what's wrong with my current trade? Grass is only greener until you get to the other side. A posting to South Cerney generally means 9-10 months on tour/Ex per year. Travel opportunities fantastic chances of promotion before your first divorce slim but sure that applies across corps.

    Comic shape of our promotion "pyramid" is due to having three main regiments that fit the Pyramid and several Div/District posts at senior levels why can no one get it? 46 WO2's chasing 46 WO1's jobs just realised the problem and wish I'd joined MTI/Veh Spec/Railwayman/any other dead mans shoes job where many a good man waits for the one job avail.

    "dont do it, you will be hated esp at airports" play the location game and substitute trade and location. Personnally rather hated at airport chatting to Air Stewardesses (No not RAF) than hated at Hotplate chatting to disgruntled Tom who wants more than one piece of bacon........

    Ultimately time spent in Recce rarely wasted lots of info out there some units even willing to exercise the Try before you buy option. Look at the MCM Div website for a whole host of info.
  15. Might have to do the clearks course at Worthy down....well theres a down side to every trade :twisted: