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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by TOONarmySOLDIER, Jun 14, 2008.

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  1. Guys maybe this is a stupid question but here goes... (if it is sorry beforehand)

    Can you build your way up all the ranks from joining as a regular soldier i.e. Colonel etc, or do you have to join as an officer to reach those higher ranks?

    Just been wondering this for a while, i've seen Warrant Officer Classes 1 and 2 etc...

  2. Read the thread in the Officers forum.
  3. If you join as a Private and aren't selected as Potential Officer Material, then to be commissioned you would have to work your way up the NCO ranks first (L/cpl, cpl, sgt, S/sgt, WO2, WO1) and then you MAY be selected as a Late Entry officer. You will be into your forties when this happens, and due to your age it is unlikely that you would get much past Major.

    This relies on you being really awesome. The skills that make you a good RSM are not the same skills that make you a good senior officer, and the role is totally different, so you'd have to be an all-rounder. Besides, LE officers go from a position of great respect as a holder of the Queen's warrant to just another one-pip wonder (albeit one with plenty of experience).
  4. But they don't do they?

    They go straight to Captain.
  5. Are you on the square?
  6. that would be a secret
  7. they go from w.o.1 to captain
  8. Cheers guys :) I know what LE means :lol:

    Well I don't agree that people should join straight away as officers because they have a few A-Levels or whatever, I am a firm believer in you work your way up the ranks honestly and on soldiering(?) merit, but this is how the structure is and it works for the Army so that's that I suppose and it won't change.