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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by eddietheboyp, Oct 10, 2011.

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  1. Just a curious question, if you work up the ranks I believe it is possible to be put forward for commission if you show the right character etc etc. If you do this what rank do you have on completing of Officer training? 2nd Lieutenant?
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    Oh **** off!!!
  3. FFS, try the search function. It's there for a reason. Trust me, you'll get no sensible answers on this, just abuse.
  4. A bit of a premature question? It all depends on Arm/Corps, type of commission and a host of other things.
  5. It's amazing.....people have the brains to join this site, log on, etc, yet are too stupid or lazy to use a feckin search engine?

    Then you get the wahs, blantant not fooling anyone wahs, double and treble bluff wahs and outright boring knob questions.

    All part of the fun.
  6. If a soldier is selected for Officer Training having served as a regular for any period of time then he or she is granted the rank "Warrant Officer Class Three" during his or hers Officer training course. This distinguishes him from those gentlemen and ladies who have joined with no reckonable service.
    If they are injured during their Officer training course and have to be discharged then they are granted an RSM's pension.
  7. Once you finish your recruit course you'll be promoted to lance general if you show enough promise. Before you know it you'll be off on "special missions" all over the place in your Aston Martin.
  8. The opposite is also true, if you are crap you get demoted; I was lucky, I joined Junior Leaders and was soon promoted to Field Marshal;however, I kept screwing up and was steadily demoted. I finished my career as the regimental punka wallah and ring dhobiman, it's true, honest!
  9. Did they repo the Aston and revoke your license to kill? I hate it when that happens...
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  10. I 'lost' my original licence to kill, when they demanded my licence back I handed in the old one and kept the newer one. clever eh?
    I never got the aston martin, I did get a choice of del boys van, Mr Beans mini and a top of the range citroen. Obviously I went with the mini - as who the **** would get into citroen?
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  11. Yep, The Robin Reliant is a piece of shit! My license to mildly irritate is not much use either!
  12. Come on FFS, the bloke asked a perfectly reasonable question.

    You'll graduate as a Lieutenant Captain which is the appointment between Lieutenant and Captain, you can then go on to be a Lieutenant Major and even a Lieutenant Colonel.

    Don't listen to that guff about Del Boy Vans, their official designation is RRV Stealth Personnel Carrier MkV.

    Always happy to assist a future officer.
  13. What about hiis license to kill? Or is it just a learners permit for now?
  14. Erm, where did the op go?

    Was it something we said? This happens all the time....
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  15. Eddietheboyp, I hate to say I told you so, but....I told you so!