Moving up the ranks from Soldier or start as Officer?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by MajorJon, Jun 3, 2013.

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  1. A bit of background: I'm 19 years old and currently sweating my arse off finishing off end of year assignments for a BTEC in Medical Science. I am in my first year... after pissing about in my AS Levels twice and failing ....and still ******* about now (stupid I know...but that's a student's life sadly!). I'm going to move into my second year hopefully next year and then shite off to uni!

    I hope to study Electronic and Electrical Engineering but as my qualifications aren't 100% up to scratch for an engineering course , I will be lumbered doing a foundation year. So 4 - 5 years at uni that is!! This means by the time I graduate from uni , I should be 25 -26 years old! It has always been an ambition of mine to join the forces - hopefully as RMP or Int. Corps (I'm probably open to others but being a Special Constable in training as a civillian...something with the Policing/Intelligence track attracts) I hope to join the TA and UOTC fairly soon to get a bit of a taste of army life and what I want

    From what I've heard... soldiers , be it in RMP or Int. corps get to do all the stuff while the officer just leads and passes on orders. I want to be a comissioned officer but I also want the experience of actually doing the job first! with all of this drivel behind us now I will just come out straight with the questions...

    1) Is it possible to become a Soldier , then move on for a commision and go to Sandhurst to become an Officer? if so from what rank is this possible?

    2) At 25-26 upon entry am I just too old for all of this? Should I just settle to become an Officer straight off as the Soldier/NCO- Commissioned route is so long ...

    3) At what rank would I realistically manage to get up to , until my contract runs out or I am deemed too old and booted out...

    Apologies if this sounds like a bone question... I'm not a wah...we have plenty of those on! ;)
  2. 1. Yes, any.

    2. No, up to you.

    3. Depends on you.
  3. If you join as a soldier just wait for the chance to save a generals life by shooting a French dragoon from his horse, you will then be made am officer, but not a gentleman.

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  4. Arranging and attending an interview is best.
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