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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Flagrantviolator, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. I' ve been offered a job in Wigan. Interested (the employer will fly me there, and pay for my settlement), I asked about the town, etc. I was warned that the area classified as a HSD (High Scouse Density?) area, whatever that means, and that I should be armed when not in my home. The employment is Solutions oriented Security work, the employer THe Orange House on King Street. Now, over here, I've my Concealed Carry permit for pistol. What is the protocol for transferring this over to UK?Must it be holstered in Plain Sight, or concealed on my person? In the boot of my car? Also, what is "chibbed"? I was told that in addition to my daily rate, I could also expect to be chibbed at least once a week. Is this like pooling tips? I really must learn "English" as it were. Thanks for your help.
  2. No guns allowed.

    If you get mugged you must let it happen, to react could result in court action against you.
  3. HULL, Quebec to Wigan :?

    Have you considered a move to Canada 1st :p
  4. Wigan? don't do it.
  5. The pies are tremendous.

    As is the rugby team :D :headbang:
  6. So's the pier :D
  7. The concealed weapon thing might allow you to spend 4 years or so living rent free as a guest of Her Majesty. You might also want to consider buying a used FV432 as the family run-around. Yes, it's a little thirsty but there are no wheel trims and the thieving little cnuts will have a harder time running off with the tracks than they would your wheels.
  8. I don't understand; Quebec IS in Canada. It is a provinc, mch, I think, like your "Shires" Pls. explain?
  9. Chibbed roughly translates to getting hit / punched... Not sure what that has to do with your Daily rate though!

    And a Scouser is normally person from Liverpool but the accent is heading as far as Skelmersdale. Skem is rubbish. They have a pool and the diving board is never open. That nearly ruined my childhood. But back on topic, Scousers are generally looked down upon as they have a repuation for being a bunch of thieving reprobates.

    This is not 100% true but may serve as an indication of the 'attractiveness' of the part of town you are going to.

    More info can be found here -

    Good luck! The town's not to bad and the pies and rugby are great!

    T C
  10. Crab,
    Are you saying that pistols are illegal in UK? How do Britons defend themselves then?Also, I need some advice re/ chibbing still. Must I declare it as income or are tips t tax-freebie like over here? Thanks
  11. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Ah fcuk it, I'll bite :D 'Chibbing' is a Scottish word for stabbing someone.

    As in the common phrase "A'm gonnae pure chib ye by the way ya radge" Trans: "I say you cad, the time has come for me to stab you in the stomach. I do not care for your tone. En garde."

    Edit: Bollocks. Beaten to it by The_Cheat.
  12. Firearms for the general public are illegal in the UK.

    Defending oneself is a big bone of contention, quite often people who have defended themselves have found themselves on the wrong side of the law.
  13. Just taking the urine. :lol:

    Quebec "Nation within a Nation", "separatists", that kinda thing.

    Oh, and I live in Ontario.

  14. Nice. We have something in common. I work in Ontario, and take all the profits home to Quebec. So thanks.
  15. so you have been offered a security job at the orange house on King St Wigan.

    i think you should take it, honestly, it would be an eye opener for you thats for sure, in the future years you can look back on it as one of those 'learning life experiences' type thing.

    but seriously - King St Wigan is a weekend heavy drinking zone were all the young and full of viniger go to cram as many 2-1 drinks down thier necks as soon as possible before bar closure, then its all pile outside for a fight over the taxis.
    the vast majority of your 'work colleagues' on the doors will be the personified 'plastic gangster' wanna-be hardman type, and are all known locally for any excuse for excessive violence and helping you 'get' things for the evening.
    dont forget a stab proof vest. this is no joke.

    I live in Wigan, I dont drink on King St, its for di*kheads, theres a lot better places to go.

    if you would like any questions answered, (I bet i know who the offer of employment is off) please PM me.

    PS, dont call pie eaters scousers. its just not worth it.

    PPS, its not called the orange house anymore either, (too many complaints from the local St Pats supporters)