Moving to the dark side.....MacBook

My manager has decided in his infinate wisdom to purchase a MacBook and upon his return from the US this morning he has dumped it on my desk for installation of the software he purchased with it and for any 'updates' it needs.

Questions that spring to mind:

Does Apple have a autoupdate option like Micro$oft?

Anything I should know about the installation procedure of iWork '08 and AppleCare Protection Plan?

Does Apple support WEP and WAP protocols for wireless?

Whats the score with virus protection?

Does my manager have more money than sense?

Any help would be appreciated.......
Apple does have autoupdate and not too much to worry about virus problems. WEP and WAP are supported although depending on how the Wireless lan router is set up there can be a few minor problems. Don't know about iWorks as I have OpenOffice and MS Office installed. If you get Parallels you can install a parallell instance of Windows XP for any Windows programs you may need(also Linux and SolarisX86). I intend to keep my MacBookPro for 4 years whereas my Dell/Toshibas etc have died after 2 years so could prove to be cheaper in the long run.
your boss has the right idea.

Iworks08 is fantastic. Keynote is far better than powerpoint and numbers again is a brilliant alternative to excel, you have a sheet and can have multiple tables on that sheet, Pages08 is much like any other word processing application but the templates you get as standard are of the highest quality.

if you have any problems with the applications have a look at screencastsonline at it has both a paid member site and free site where the author Don talks through and shows all the iworks08 applications

as the previous poster mentioned the auto update facility is a breeze or alternatively just click the apple in the top left hand corner then click software update where the update program can be found.

have been a Mac convert since April and wouldn't look back.

Any other questions feel free to PM

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