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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Whiskey_60, Nov 20, 2008.

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  1. Hello chaps,

    Looks for some advice.

    I currently live in a nice rural area with more run/tab routes around woods and lakes as you like.

    Unfortunately due to the credit crunch raping my finances I'm having to move to the inner City on a sh!t hole council estate without a tree or lake for miles.

    Now I'm TA Infantry so fitness in my own time Is crucial to me. There Is a gym on this estate I'm moving to. Now normally I don't really do Gyms as I have a multi-gym at home and I never saw the need for treadmills... Untill now.

    How much would my fitness suffer If I did the following:

    Gym 3 times a week with some weights but mainly a long treadmill run using varying inclines.

    1 Tab per week around the scummy chav infested estate area (approx 10 miles).

    I hear alot of people saying Treadmills aren't the same as running In the great outdoors so how much will my fitness suffer? Come the next time I'm in the field am I going to keel over and die on a Section Attack?

    Many thanks for any help!

  2. Quick thing with treadmill. I run an average 21:30 for 5Km....on a treadmill i run 17:50 for 5Km....that's just me obviously but yeah it's markedly easier.
  3. Try putting the treadmill on a 1% incline, you will find that your times are more representative of running on the road then.
    Also, there must be a hill somewhere that you can do reps on so have a look around. When I was in Colly there was a hill (Balkan hill maybe? where all the regi shields are) where I used to run to, do ten reps then carry on with a run round castle park.
  4. So If say I did

    A tab

    2 x Gym Sessions (Treadmill runs with varying incline/speeds - possibly 1 interval session if that can even be done on a treadmill?)

    1 x Hill Session (out doors)

    Would I still be able to maintain an Infanteers level of fitness?

    Sorry for the biff questions, just worried Is all!
  5. Oh, interval sessions can indeed be done on a treadmill - I regularly use one for 8 km farhtleck (jog 60% speed for 200m, run 75% for 200m then 90% for 400m). Repeat until well f*cked.

    Don't forget the 1% incline too!
  6. Ahh spot on that's good to know, normally I do my Interval training on a football pitch or something but the only one I've seen where I'm moving to is over uneven ground so not ideal for sprints!
  7. An uneven football pitch? Where are you moving to?!

    I would say try and get outside and run as much as you can but that is just my opinion.
  8. A mud hut with a goat In Helmand would be worth more than the entire estate...

    Enough said really!

    I think I'm going to have a good recce around, there has to be some decent run routes within a few miles of the dump!

    Theres an RE TA Center just off the estate, assuming they do organised PT It could be worth giving them a call and asking them?
  9. If you do use the local gym - instead of treadmill work, if they have a decent stairmaster I'd use that.

    I know the council estate will have stairways but you'd pass out due to the overwhelming reek of p.ish.