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Discussion in 'Living Overseas' started by Twizzlelehope, Nov 17, 2010.

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  1. Having just returned from a fabulous weekend stag party in Prague, I find that I would like to live out there (occasionally). I can recommend the Beer Factory in Wencesles Square. You don't have to leave the table as these are equipped with 4 man beer pumps, the only thing required from the bar is an empty glass. The Atlas club is also very interesting and the scenery once inside can be quite jaw dropping. On the down side it is quite expensive. Any ARRSERs spent time there yet?
  2. I've been to Prague on a few occasions. The 1st time was just after the Berlin Wall came down.

    It's improved a great deal over the years, but it's slowly got more, and more, expensive to go there.

    I'd recommend Budapest over Prague now. Budapest has everything to offer, at a cheaper price.
  3. I went to Prague on a gov't sponsered pissex in 92. Wildenrath had just delivered its last F4 to the Czech Air Force museum in Kbely. We were guests of the Czech Air Force and had been given 60 DM in expenses, which was of course spent propping up the czech economy. A pub crawl right across Prague including some establishment with scantily clothed young ladies and we still had money left over! The nightmare will persue me forever.
  4. Yup. If you know where to go, you'll have a great time.

    Prague is trying to get away from it's "Stag do" reputation, and is trying to clean itself up. Try Riga instead for stag-dos.
  5. Prague is a lovely city, only now it's as expensive as anywhere else in Europe.

    Living there may be a short term thought as the city is plagued by drunken Brits abroad, pickpockets and criminals, all of whom have descended on the city to rob and rip off tourists.
  6. Fantastic nightmares I suspect, as I certainly have a few.
  7. I have been to Prague six times in the past four or so year, the first time i went it was cheap but getting expensive as other's have said. What i would recommend is get yourself over to Krakow. I have been 6 times in the last 18 month and loved it and it's cheap as chips, going into a locals bar is even cheaper and the women are stunning. Maastricht is ok for a beer or two as well.
  8. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    This is one of the many reasons I ******* love the ARRSE.

    Not PrinceAlbert, obviously. One would struggle to love a child molestor. But Prague before the wall came down did not really figure on TripAdvisor, you know? And PrinceAlbert was there.

    My advice to the OP - get out of town. Tourists do Prague then **** off back on EasyJet. Drive out into the country and meet warm, smiling friendly people with vodka and gerkins.

    Unless you get the Czech / Slovak thing mixed up. Then you are on your own son, and God help you.
  9. Right about the Czech/Slovak thingy. Some places it would be like being in a pub on the falls and saying isn't it great being British.
    Haven't been since the days of Communism so I can't really comment about now, then though mention the good solder Svejk and how impressive the tool kits you got free with a Skoda were and you were treated like a king, or a nice commissar anyway.
    two lads wanted me to marry their sisters and I hadn't even touched them. The sisters that is.
  10. Think you.ll be lucky on that one. Expect anything from 50 CzK upwards for a decent beer.

    What is interesting is the back-lash against Pilsner Urquell which is a complete fecking rip off along with Budvar et al. Today, seek out the micro brewers in both Prague and the wider Czech Republic - they do some great brews.

    However, for lasses, it has to be Stodolni Street in Ostrava for top totty - Czech, Polish, Slovak and Russian, with a couple of Ukrainians thrown in... amazing girls.
  11. I go to Prague and Budapest from time to time (and one can be forgiven for getting them confused). Prague is a beautiful city but very expensive (I would rate Berlin as cheapr); Budapest is a bit dog-eared, but cheaper. Both have had pretty bloody histories. The economy of neither country is going anywhere, but at least from Prague you can just about commute to Germany.

    There are some good deals to be had with hotel and rezidenz accommodation, especially during the week; unfortunately the City over a weekend is clogged with tourists, seemingly foul-mouthed Geordie or Scouse Hen/Stag parties. Dealing with the locals can be a bit confusing as corruption is still a feature of both public and commercial life and there is a very unhealthy underworld, largely Russian influenced. But nicer than Warrington.
  12. Loved Prague, went with my wife for a week tooled up with a list of must do restaurants and micro breweries, Great food and drink. Left on the Friday just as all the stag/hen do's were arriving

    Stayed at the K+K Central, great hotel built into an old theatre with a great champagne buffet every morning
  13. Don't want to start a new thread so will bump this and hope someone helps!

    I'm looking to go to Prague for a few days (4 nights) with the mrs. Just wanted to ask some help as to what's a nice area to stay in, the best (affordable) hotel and flights etc etc.

    Plus any restaurants, sights, pubs and bars that are worth going to look at!

    And if anyone knows the best website to book from! Please if anyone could reply or PM me would be very much appreciated! Cheers.

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  14. Try Brno. Well try anywhere outside Praha and your beer tokens will go much further
  15. Question. When do you want to go?
    PM me please.