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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by taff989, Apr 1, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone can help. I have 6 years let in and have decided to settle down in my own home.
    Will the Army move me and will I be entitled to Disturbance? It will be a final move in regards to a quarter (if that makes ant difference).
    I will be either moving into the mess or SSSA. What am I entitled to?

    Please help!
  2. Nothing Im Afraid, have just done the same
  3. I like the way that you think that aarse is here to help, you'll be lucky if you get any at all with some of the Idiots that paste on these pages!

    Sorry, I'm not the one to help you with this cunundrum.
  4. So I am not even entitled to have the Army move my belongings to my new home?
  5. Because that was a worthwhile and helpful post!
  6. Are you moving into a house on posting or is this during your current posting?
  7. No you are not but try anyway as I know of 2 people who have done it, or in reverse, with no entiltement and it was approved.
  8. This will be during my current posting.....I only ask as I was informed along time ago the the rule of thumb was that you were entitled to either your first or your last.
  9. Unless the rules have changed, then the only help you'll get is if you are actually posted and would be moving anyway (I'm assuming you're a pad, I don't think singlies get diddly-squat).
  10. Im a pad and had to pay for both my first and my last move. I am led to believe you only dont pay if your moving from Married quarter to married quarter?
    I didnt even qualify for singly moving allowance as it was a move of my own making
  11. To be entitled to DA and Removals you have to have a written order to move, ie an Assignment Order. If on your next Assignment you move your family to a Selected Place of Residence (SPR) whilst you moved to your new posting then you would be entitled.

    I assume you are not a CEA claimant.
  12. Thanks Paymaster,

    The only reason I'm moving into my own home half way through my posting is my eldest is going into high school. Trying to do right by her Education, but Army rules aren't flexable. Maybe there should be a form I could sign that would state it was my last move and I cant ever claim removals again. Long term I would save the MOD a few thousand pounds....
  13. One thing you could do would be to make a case for an anticipated move. Ask one of your RAO staff for the G1 casework format, the case should be made thru your RAO then Bde SPS then the PACC.

    Your case would be that you wish to make your move early in order maintain your child's education.
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