Moving to Northern Ireland

Hi Guys,

A quick update for you (and an info request from you too please).

The missus and I have been in NI for 10 nights so far and too date we've been bobbing-around the general area of Castlederg to Eniskillen to Dungannon to Armagh.

The people have been fantastic and the houses that we've viewed so far have been fairly nice, some great, some not, but bidding amongst punters is frantic and we've seen houses valued/advertised at £250K reach bids of £310K after just a day or two on the market.

That said, we've both been drawn to Enskillen so this is now our main focus for houses.

My Question: Does anyone have any current knowledge of the area South of Eniskillen, right down to the border at Garrison, Belcoo, Derrylin and Newtonbutler.

Otherwise, we're having a really good time of it and the people that we've met so far have been truly fantastic.

Best Regards to all,


I‘d be careful about that area south of Enniskillen.

There are a couple of people in the general area I can put you in touch with who would give solid advice (one being landed, and ex-special forces; another a veteran solicitor in Enniskillen) – I certainly wouldn’t buy there without bouncing it off someone like them.
Think Enniskillen itself is terrific.
Dungannon and Armagh city would be other good options, but without the glories of Lough Erne !

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