Moving to Hampshire

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by smudge67, Feb 17, 2010.

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  1. Right you crazy cats. I may be moving from leafy Surrey to Hampshire.

    I need to based around the M3/M4 corridor, with easy access to the motorway. M3 is more important than the M4.

    I don't know the areas surrounding Basingrad very well. Any arrsers experience would be welcome. I don't want to be surrounded by chavs and pikeys, and don't want to live too far from civilisation either.

    So.....if there are any pot "Phils and Kirstys" out there, now is your time to flourish.

    Oh....train links to Waterloo would be better than Paddington.
  2. Don't move to Hampshire then!
  3. Bollocks, there are some really nice places in Hampshire - just an aweful lot of shite too, much like the rest of the country really.
  4. So.....where are the nice places?
  5. Depends on what you're after, could blag yourself into some of the bloody nice villages just off of the towns. If you don't want to go that route, there are some nice places to live even in some of the shitholes like Andover - even shitholes aren't 100% shitholes.
  6. Smudge - Winchester was the best place to live in the UK not so long ago. That was measured on health care, school, education, house prices etc.

    Petersfield is nice, but like Winchester, it's fekkin expensive.

    Sandhurst - see above.

    Bracknell is full of pikeys that hang out at what used to be called 'The Point'. One of them would come in and taunt you, and after you threatened the little bastard and followed him outside, the other 40 pikeys would be there waiting. Avoid!

    Woking's not so bad - my best mate used to live there before he went out to Dubai. Good night out too - and when you stumble out of the pubs at night, staring you in the face are the War of The Worlds monuments.

    There's a load of old pads that have been sold off and renovated at Arborfield which are not as pricey as most places in Berks, but good access to the M4 and M3.

    Any further info just PM me - that whole area is like a second home to me!
  7. Aye, Winchester isn't half bad at all, especially if you love hills with the gradient of a cliff :D
  8. Ash is very nice. :D

    No Pikeys :lol:

    & Ash Vale to Waterloo, 50 mins. :D

  9. Alton, end of waterloo commuter line anda steam engine thrown in for good measure

    Has countryside
  10. Whitchurch, Overton or Oakley nice villages outside the stoke, Overton has direct line in to Waterloo
  11. My bold, so does Whitchurch - they are stopped at within mins of eachother :D .
  12. I've been to Alton. Hated the place, though never lived there.

    Farnham is on the cards, also Tadley, and Bramley Green,

    Petersfield is too far south for me.

    Winchester may be worth a look in.

    I used to be based at Arborfield, not for me I'm afraid.
  13. Winchester is gorgeous, nice bars, nice restaurants (The Mayfly at Stockbridge f'rinstance), good shops (for the female types) easy for coast and New Forest and S'hampton ...i loves it I does!!!
  14. DO NOT live in Petersfield or Tadley.