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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FNUSNU, Sep 1, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys, I'm moving to Germany and have a few questions.
    What tv services are there? I've heard you can pick up sky provided you have a dish and they don't know you're in Germany, is this true? Whats the crack with the cable on offer and what about BFPS?
    I'd also want broadband, what's on offer ie ADSL or cable? I've been told it's a different system in Germany so you need different modems can anyone advise on this plese?

    Cheers guys, fnusnu
  2. You can get Sky in Germany as long as you know how to put it up or get someone to do it for you.

    BFBS DTH, I don't know, depends where you are.

  3. Sky no problem - just run your account through someone in the Uk.
    Broadband also no problem, most go through T-Com
  4. Cheers guys
  5. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    sky no prob as mentioned before - bfbs well all places close to garrison no prob
    broadband everywhere - and there's more than just t-com ;)
  6. My advice: Don't move to Germany! Do as the RAF people from the old RAF clutch airfields did and live in the Netherlands. You'll be better off there.

    Holland has Sky available on satelite and digital TV, it has BBC 1 trhough 4 and Prime. No Channel 4 though... BFBS is available on some cable radio providers, especially the ones in the east of the country. That is because a lot of Crabs used to live there.

    Biggest advantage though: No Blockheads, all Dutchmen (and women) speak English. Osnabrück and Münster can be easily reached from the East and Northeast of the Netherlands.
  7. Most garrisons now have BFBS DTH or cable, with 6 channels, but the BFBS1 terrestrial analogue signal is also still there in most areas, too. Have a look at for more info on channels and content. You can also get broadband through SSVC shops in Germany.

    Whereabouts are you going exactly?
  8. eh what planet are you on :?

    We lived in Germany at Wildenrath - and what's wrong with Germans, it sure isn't full of the yobs that you get in the UK :x
  9. I loved Germany! It's a great place! Where are you going?
  10. Don't know if broadband stuff is different (probably as the phone connections are) and I am a techno mong these days. It was easy to install via Deutsche Telecom, but now around camp they have wireless connection - I beleive most garrisons are following suite.

    BFPS is now the 6 channel thingy - BFBS 1 is "best" of UK terrestrial and satellite/cable shows, BFBS 2 is a bit like a cross between BBC2 and Ch4 - some show are better, others a bit odd. Third channel is music, 4th is Sky news, 5tha dn 6th Sky sports 1 & 2.

    People with Sky put up a dish, pay local engineer about a tenner to point it the right way. I think they may run it through a UK residence...

    People here are friendly, also all speak English (although always say they do it badly ie not fluent) and no litter, noise (except military), yobs, trouble (except military...).

    Try getting in touch with your receiving Garrison's Garrison Info Officer or Community Officer - should be in Bde HQ. can answer q's about quarters, tele, local area etc. V helpful.
  11. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Avoid Deutsche Telekom, if you have a problem it is impossible to get anyone to be responsible and they resort to lawyers quickly in disputes.
    Look around for deals from other providers such as GMX, Arcor, Vodafone etc - performance is good from all, just look for the best package.