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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by redwhiteandblue, Nov 25, 2006.

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  1. Hi I will be moving to Germany in @ Febuary tme and waws trying to get things orted out. can anyone tell me what i need to carry in my car incase of emergency. and also who does car/home insurance for forces in BGF.

  2. You will need a warning triangle, first aid kit (unopened and suitable for use in Europe - all decent car accessory shops sell them), and kit to change a wheel, personally I would arrange breakdown cover and carry a credit card but it not a legal requirement. My insurance has always been through AXA and they have cover me worldwide - home, personal and kit.
  3. thanks for all these tips they are great help what i need to know now is do i have to wait to get headlighhts or does anyone know where i can get european ones here in the uk before i go.
  4. Cheaper to get them over there. The Forces newspapers tend to have reams of pages of people selling continental headlights off as theyre posted back to UK

    Just stick some black tape across the beams or buy beam deflectors to get you over to there, then look over in BFG

    What Car have you got? Stick an ad in the classified section on here, never know you might be lucky and get 'em sorted before you go.
  5. thanks I have a 02 Renault Laguna will check the classified to see what happens.
  6. Try They are germany based and deliver to your home. They are a little bit more expensive but you could contact them now and see what they've got in stock.
  7. Thanks for the link. Posted an ad in the classified bit and got nothing but sarcasim should have expected that from an army website
  8. New German laws require you to have either all-season tyres, or a set of specific winter tyres. If you don't have these, you may run into problems when trying to BFG (forces version of an MOT) your car. Where are you posted to? It is always useful to seek out a German speaker within the unit - he may know of better insurance companies than the dreaded NAAFI who will rip you off, or AXA who are cheap for some, not for others. Hope this helps a little.
  9. Going to Fally will probably be around March April time, as I have been informed that Glasgow are concentrating on re-enlistments rather than transfers at the moment, so it looks like i will miss out on the winter rules for this year. which on the other hand means i will need to get new insurance into an insurance year aswell.
  10. Try not to move around that time it is slap bang in the middle of transfer to JPA and the consequences could be :puker:
  11. If you are driving through France you will also need (strictly though seldom checked) to have a set of spare light bulbs!
  12. you should have a bit of time once your in Germany before you have to BFG your car (I think it used to be 30 days). If you cant find headlights second hand from someone returning to the UK then you can get Mehrwertsteuer (tax free) off of them by getting the forms from your base admin office. Once at your unit find out which insurance is valid for BFG as there used to be problems with some companies not covering BFG use even on a green card policy.

    Speak to a senior VM when you get to your unit as they normally know the best places for cheep parts.

    Your receiving unit should be OK with you having time to sort your car out as they have all been through the same so should be sympathetic.
  13. thanks for all the help on this it has been great. as for trying not to move in march well that is really up to glasgow to decide not me.
  14. You can BFG on any road legal tyres, German law will ‘take into consideration’ what tyres you have fitted if you cause an accident or obstruction and have ‘unsuitable tyres’ for the prevailing road conditions.