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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by redwhiteandblue, Sep 24, 2006.

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  1. i am thinking of transfering to a unit in germany and am wondering what is the correct extra allowances you get while over. i am fed up with people telling me it is so cheap and you get an extra £££££'s and you'll be loaded kind of thing . so i am asking for some info on this including fuel tokens german child allowance etc thanks for the help in advance.
  2. Fuel a couple of years ago cost me 3 euros per 10 litres of diesel.
    LOA (living overseas allowance) was a nice little earner as well.
    Child allowance I think you are allowed to claim British allowance as well as German but could stand corrected.
    Everything you buy such as furniture etc tax free!!
  3. petrol now €6.30 for10 litres
    loa depends on rank/maristat/number of kids married full screw couple of kids roughly £11ish a day
    fags €2.50 ish for 20
    stella €15 a crate
    child benifit yep get german part kindergeld (spelling?)
    tax of german stuff if over €50
    tax free shopping on amazon
    no tv licence fee
    no road tax
    tax free cars but thats not as good as used to be
  4. How long is it before you can get posted abroad? Is it after Phase 2? If I get in the REME I fancied a stint in Germany to get away from the misus/family. :roll: Mmmm acutally Belize/Oz/Brunei/North America would be better, cant be expected home at the week ends then either... :x
  5. if you tell the recruiting sgt, he should be able to include that in your file for your future oc, so you get first pick.
  6. excellent, Ill tell him the further the better? But what about when... is it after the phase two? I had a flow chart on the REME site REME Flow chart It says first posting so that would be it? :?
  7. Most people don't go home for the weekends from Germany either, good 6 hour drive that if you live in teh south, and go the France way, Don't know about the Northern England, Hook of holland way, but can't think of anyone who regularly goes home on weekends.

    Yes First posting is just that your firt posting, first unit whatever you fancy calling it but basically your fast place after Training. But anyway the way I did it in Signals was fill out a modified Posting Prefrence Proforma (Aka one of the biggest lies in NATO) with what units or areas you would prefer to be posted in. Bear in mind though I said all UK units and got Germany so you can guesstimate the reliability of those said bits of paper that get filed in Never Never Land
  9. i am not a new recruit just out of trainin I have been in the army for 14 years in january and thinking about a change in career and lifestyle my biggest worry is what there is to do for my 2 kids 8 year old girl and 4 year old boy and also is it worth the hassle moving abroad.
  10. Don't be too worried about moving over there with your family as us brits have been there so long that the garrison towns are like little parts of UK shipped abroad. Your kids will go to an english school and play with english kids. If you don't want to you don't really have to get involved with the locals at all. You can shop in the Naafi for all your british products. Re child benefit you carry on claiming UK child benefit and the German government top you up to their rates.
  11. I would say go for it....Have a change and see a bit of Germany...I lived there for 15 years and enjoyed it. Money is better with the German Kinder Geld (child benefit) and also your tax free items in the Naafi. You pay for your gas and electric out of your wage monthly (fuel and light) and if you have been good with it you may get a rebate in the Oct..
  12. yeah right is that the same as FRANK?!
  13. am I missing somthing... I guess its not "talk to frank"!? :?
  14. okay it looks good but i need to know if there are any highland, tap, or modern dancing classes for my kids i know this is not the kind if thing that will swing my desision to go or not but sure will make it easier for my kids. also what other kinds of kids stuff is there to do ie judo, gymnastics,swimming etc the usual kind of clubs that you get in most towns
  15. The best thing to do is contact The Hive ... for what is going on etc... all depends on the garrison area you live under.