Moving to Germany, Help

Being fast balled to germany in the next month or so. Any pearls of wisdom? should be around the munster area, so any info/advice would be great.
Could be worse. Munster is a great place, although it was better when it had a BMH full of nurses.
Cheers guys, a few little gems have been a great help. Found outa few things that were not on the , so your going to germany, bumf I got from my bosses.
Sluice_dweller said:
Now your showing your age Stroker!!

I know. I think the late nights in the BMH bar (circa 88/89) and early morning walks back across town with a mile wide grin, contributed greatly to how tired I feel now.

I have a lot to thank a certain young QARANC for.
Just dusting off the old posting preference forms, looking at 1cs at the mo, what that like, what do they do and how much do they like nurses. Brewnbeer where are you being sent to?
Get posted to Hohne!

cos the whole regt is moving up in 08 - beat the rush

book yer seats on telic 11 and 12 :D :D :D
When you get your posting order - ignore what squadron youre going to until you have phoned the RCMO at Munster

Glasgow produce the posting order - but Munster (RHQ) decide where you go.

B, C and D Sqns are in Munster (for now) :D

A Sqn (premier sqn of the premier med regt) is up in Hohne.
Look on the map/history books for Bergen-Belsen. You wont find Hohne an the map :roll:
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